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The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game was a roleplaying game that utilized mechanics from the new Dungeons and Dragons game, in 2001. It was published by Wizards of the West Coast and came with a Sourcebook manual that included a great deal of information not found elsewhere. Some of this, such as the fighting abilities of various characters and limits on using the Power are clearly designed to make the world fit within a d20 D&D scenario, but other aspects it is less clear. Essentially, there are several areas where we have accepted the content as canonical, or potentially canonical.

1) History of Nations: For many of the modern nations, the book includes some details on their founding, including who the first King or Queen was. It seems likely that this is from Robert Jordan, as, for example, it explains that in the early history of Tarabon, the Panarch was the opposite sex to the primary ruler, who could be a King or Queen. This then explains the apparent inconsistency in Panarch Farede being male.

2) Objects of the Power: Many ter'angreal are described. Several of these are from the books, whereas others are not. Several angreal and sa'angreal are also described. Most of which appear in the books. Vora's Sa'angreal however, is merely referred to as the White Wand.

3) Weaves: Many weaves are described, some of which occur in the books, others have not been mentioned.



An introduction, by Robert Jordan


Chapter 1: Abilities

Chapter 2: Backgrounds

Contains information on physical characteristics and personality traits of the different nationalities

Chapter 3: Classes

The available classes include:

  • Algai'd'siswai (the Aiel nation fighter)
  • Armsman (equates to the regular fighter class)
  • Initiate (these include channelers initiates - to the White Tower, the Black Tower, the Sea Folk, etc.)
  • Noble
  • Wanderer (similar to the rogue class)
  • Wilder (a spellcaster class, but it starts off the game with a block)
  • Woodsman (similar to the ranger class)

Chapter 4: Skills

Chapter 5: Feats

Some special fests that allow you use the One Power exist. There are also feats, which correspond to the "Lost Abilities" in the books, such as Dreamwalking, Min's Viewings, Hurin's "sniffing" the evil and Foretelling.

Chapter 6: Heroic Characteristics

Chapter 7: Equipment

Chapter 8: Combat

Chapter 9: The One Power

Information on a number of weaves

Chapter 10: Gamesmastering

Chapter 11: Encounters

Chapter 12: The Westlands

Information on the history and politics of the nations, with the exception of Ghealdan and Murandy. Much of this information was later confirmed in the Wheel of Time Companion

Chapter 13: Other Worlds

Chapter 14: Wondrous Items

angreal, sa'angreal and ter'angreal

Chapter 15: What Follows in Shadow