Tower Party 2001

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Tower Party 2001
Location Los Angeles, California, USA
Date October 24-27, 2001
Local Liaison Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

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TarValon.Net held a Tower Party in Los Angeles, California, USA, October 24-27, 2001.


Author: Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

Okay, well since I can only tell the events from MY point of view, you're going to have to make do.

Wednesday, October 24th

12PM - Amyrlin gets off of work early, and taunts Jayne Sedai as she merrily walks out the door to start on her fine adventure.

1PM - Amyrlin waits impatiently for the Captain of the Guard, Aleric to walk into the greeting area of the airport.

1:30PM - Amyrlin gets tired of waiting for Aleric and so pulls out her copy of Harry Potter and starts reading to pass the time.

1:45PM - Aleric sneaks up on the Amyrlin. And there is much rejoicing.....yeah...... There is so much rejoicing that the two of them get on the wrong shuttle bus and end up taking twice as long to get back to Bela, the Amyrlin's 1991 Red Toyota Pick-up Truck.

6PM - Aleric and Eleyan make their way to old Sacramento to buy Aleric's costume for the Party.

8PM - Aleric, Eleyan, Jayne Sedai and Jayne's roomate all meet at a lovely Spanish resturant for some tapas and lotsa Sangria. Aleric finds out that Jayne does indeed have a nasty habit of pulling her hair and crossing her arms under her breasts. Food was good. Guitar player sucked, especially when he started playing the Entertainer (hey! That's not Spanish!!!). After much merry making, all part and the Captain and Amyrlin spend the remainder of the evening playing video games and quoting movies.

Thursday, October 25th

9AM - Morni comes to pick up Aleric and Eleyan. Everyone sits down and eats some biscuits and juice. Eleyan finally understand the benefits of multiple Warders. There is one to wash and one to dry. Eleyan makes a mental note to marry more than one husband,

11AM - The crew is out the door and on their way. The trip takes only 4.5 hours. Time is spent comparing this journy with the ones in the "stories," making tons of WOT puns that only wotists would understand, trying to figure out where we were traveling (started in the Two Rivers, made our way through the Caralin Grass and the Black Hills), and looking for the Tower of Ghenjei (we found about 7 and decided that they must be trying to franchise). We drive through Lodi. Stop at a Pea Soup Andersons' for lunch (where Aleric is introduced to the joy that is Del Taco). Assassination of the Amyrlin is attempted by a small black fly. The Captain saves the day by squishing it with his bare hands. Tower Battle cry is identified as being "Woo Hoo."

4PM - Arrive in Studio City where the party meets Amaria, Gwendolyne and Paige. Paige then disappears for the remainder of the weekend.

6PM - Aleric, Morni and Eleyan have difficulties finding Zara Sedai at the Amtrack Station. Thanks to some deft work by Jakeb over the telephone ter'angreal they were able to locate the missing Aes Sedai. Then they located a bathroom, and there was much rejoicing.....yeah..... Ramone is encoutered later on that evening.

8PM - Group splits. Boys run off to pick up Arthaine. All convene at a Kareoke Bar where we all managed to sing rather badly and drink enough to not remember the details.

2AM - All come back to Wendy's house for more drinking and frolicking. Amrylin apparently takes a drag off of Amaria's cigarette, but doesn't really remember the details. Everyone ends of sleeping in the oddest places and next to the oddest people. Would go into details, but that is privledged information for those who attended.  ;-)

Friday, October 26th

8:30AM Amaria wakes everybody up and somehow manages not to be killed in the process. Aleric looks cheery until about 10AM when his hangover finally hits him. Mother has a hangover upon waking, but soon gets over it. Gwendolyne Sedai is late for work due to missing house keys, but Jakeb saves the day by giving her a ride to work on his "horse."

11AM - The Group finally drags they're behinds to Viviane's for breakfast. Tasty. The Amyrlin drinks a lot of V8, the Captain decides to leave and go back to the house for a nap. Everyone else makes merry and plans a trip to the Ocean.

1PM - Half the group sleeps, and half the group goes exploring Studio City/LA. When the Amyrlin finally wakes up, Jorryn and her husband Mike have arrived. And there was much rejoicing. 7PM - Everyone starts getting ready for the party. We all wait till 7 cause we don't think it will take long. Party is not ready until 10PM. Go figure. Could have something to do with everyone playing Crazy Taxi.

10PM - Party is started and the house is HOT. We all suffer through it and our bad hair (couldn't keep curl no matter what!!) and take pictures for the website. Make a lot of cracks about the people who couldn't make it and how jealous they would be. After pictures we sit down for some serious WOT conversation. The Amyrlin suddenly understands all sorts of stuff about Thom Merrilin, and realized how dense she was for not picking up on that the first three times she read the fricken series. We dine on Bread, Cheese (actually, we ate that all weekend), fruit and veggie platters, and corn bread with honey made by Mike. We drink Goldshlager, Spiced Wine, beer, cider, and Bacardi Lemon. Jeremy and Amaria lead the way in the festivities. Amaria shows us all how well she can sign ASL. We decide to get into pyjamas, drink more, lay all over each other, and play more videogames. At the end of the evening, we attempt to fit a ridiculous amount of people on an airmattress meant for two.

Saturday, October 27th

9AM - Zara wakes everyone up today. Amaria and Jakeb sport today's headaches. We all go to breakfast again, where we have an incompetent waitress that brings Jakeb an omelette instead of a salad among other things.

11AM - Crew goes back to the house to try and clean up from our revelry.

1PM - Morni, Aleric and Eleyan part from the rest of the company and start off on a 9 hour trek back to Sacramento. They have to go through Ventura, but manage to avoid Lodi. A second assassination of the Amyrlin is attempted at dinner, this time by a 3 year old brandishing a fork. He is disarmed by his mother thereby saving the day. The remainder of the way is uneventful and filled with singing to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack.

That's a pretty basic overview. I hope everyone gets to make it next year!! It'll be bigger and better than ever!!

Final Comment, October 30th

We had a fabulous time at the party. And like any group of healthy, young and attractive twenty-somethings.... we made way for a lot of gossip. And we have taken full advantage of it for the past two days. It's my recommendation now that we just focus on the great and aspects of the get-together, and leave everything else to sort itself out. That way nothing is awkward when we all see each other again in a few months! ;) And yeah....the whole sharing secrets thing... doesn't work. We're a tiny tower. If one knows, so does everyone else.


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