Towers of Midnight: Chapter 13

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Spear and Shield Chapter Icon.png

For What Has Been Wrought

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Min

Setting: Outside the Stone of Tear

Characters: Min, Rand, Cadsuane, Nynaeve, Rhuarc, Tam,


Rand returns with some revelations.


Min rushes out to meet Rand. She notices that the air seems to distort around him. She sees new images over his head as well as wrinkles around his eyes. Noting that his eyes do not look young but when he smiles she recognizes his smile. Min tells him that Alanna has gone missing and they are afraid because she knows where to find Rand. Rand states that Alanna is somewhere northward and that the Shadow doesn't need her to find him. Rand acknowledges the Aiel and tells them that he has toh to meet. Rhuarc tells him the story of the meegerling and asks him if he is such a creature. Rand promises to never leave the Aiel again and to always have an Aiel guard unless it is with their permission. Rand walks with Darlin and asks him who is there as well as to get him some messengers. Rand tells someone to go get Cadsuane and that he will not execute her. He then orders Narishma to tell the Borderlanders that he will meet with them. He then tells them to announce that Egwene has succeeded Elaida as the Amyrlin. Rand now turns to Min and asks her to find out what part Callandor has to play. He then turns to Cadsuane and pardons her as well as apologizes, explaining to her he has realized he is not a weapon. He then asks her for a favor to go hunt someone but does not tell her who, explaining that he will tell her later when less ears are around. Rand then has the high Lords and Ladies line up. As he goes down the line he tells Weiramon to look into his eyes. After Weiramon looks into his eyes he turns towards Anaiyella and tells them both to leave and tell their associates that they can no longer hide, he is blind no longer. Tam then shows up and Rand goes up to him crying, gives him a hug and apologizes. Tam forgives him and Rand says he wants to introduce Min. Tam says he already met her but Rand says he needs to introduce her telling Tam that she is very special to him.


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Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • (About Rand) "New viewings spun around his head. She normally ignored those, but she couldn't do so now. An open cavern, gaping like a mouth. Bloodstained rocks. Two dead men on the ground, surrounded by ranks and ranks of Trollocs, a pipe with smoke curling from it."


Why does the air distort around Rand now?
What do these new vision of Min's mean?
Can Rand now just tell who is a darkfriend by looking at them?

He seems to be able to identify them, but it is not clear if this is because they have some sort of marking, as with how Fain can tell, or that they are unable to look directly at him.

Who is Rand sending Cadsuane to get?

Character Development

  • He seems to have finally become peaceful and relaxed.
  • He has the look of being older and wiser.
  • He has realized that he has been treating everyone badly.

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