Towers of Midnight: Chapter 28

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Author: Bukkwild

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Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Points of View: Perrin Aybara, Rodel Ituralde


Perrin discovers the Dreamspike affects tel'aran'rhiod. Rodel begins a defence of Maradon.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Perrin's Camp on the Jehannah Road and Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Hopper, Slayer

Faile and Perrin discuss the parley and Maighdin, Perrin goes to Tel'aran'rhiod to find out why there are no wolves around and wakes next to the Tower of Ghenjei. Hopper says it happened because of one connected to him, Perrin surmises it's Mat. They find the violet dome on the Jehannah road where Perrin's camp is supposed to be and get scared “sendings” from Oak Dancer, Boundless and Sparks, three wolves he'd met in the dream before. Slayer had attacked and killed Whisperer and wounded Sparks, Perrin forces himself through the dome to rescue sparks and flee to Dragonmount.

Rodel's Point of View:

Location: Maradon

Characters: Rodel Ituralde, Captain Yoeli, Connel, Deepe Bhadar, Antail, Tymoth

Connel and Rodel go to the Northern wall where Captain Yoeli and Deepe Bhadar are waiting. Deepe informs Rodel that the Shadowspawn have five or six male channelers that are holding tremendous amounts of the Power and have been for awhile. Rodel informs Deepe to have the Asha'man ready to escape. When Deepe signals the other Asha'man the Northern wall is attacked near where they were standing by saidin. Deepe loses a leg and Rodel is temporarily deafened. Antail heals Deepe and Rodel in the sick tent and then uses a male version of the exhaustion relieving weave on Rodel. Rodel meets up with Connel and Captain Yoeli on the palace balcony and recommends a retreat. Yoeli Begs Rodel to stay and show him what a great captain can do. Rodel agrees and sets up and starts ambushing the trollocs and fades in the streets of Maradon with archers, crossbowman and cavalry.


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