Towers of Midnight: Chapter 27

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A Call to Stand

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Egwene

Characters: Barasine, Doesine, Egwene, Janya, Saerin, Silviana, Nicola, Nissa, Yukiri, Lelaine, Romanda. Takima, Varilin, Saroiya, Ferane, Rubinde, Faiselle, Raechin Connoral, Viria Connoral, Andaya

Setting: The White Tower


Egwene gets authority to deal with Rand and persuades the Hall to make sure there are no more secret meetings behind the Amyrlin's back.


Egwene reads a letter from Darlin acknowledging that Rand has grown more erratic but that it is to be expected and that Rand has Darlin's loyalty. He agrees to bring some troops to the Field of Merrilor. Egwene replies, encouraging him to bring more. She also writes to Gregorin, hinting that she has Mattin, though not mentioning that Mattin is afraid to return. Silviana tells her that Kandor, Arafel and Saldaea are at war against trolloc hordes. She leaves briefly but returns to tell Egwene that the Hall is meeting.

In the meeting, Egwene notes that the Reds have replaced Pevara and Javindhra by Raecin and Voiria Connoral. She notes all three Reds and Greens, but only one Blue and Brown, plus two Whites two Grays ans two Yellows. Seaine, Lyrelle, Doesine, Janya, Saerin and Yukiri are all absent as is the Blue raised to replace Moria. Egwene sits, but does not speak. Saroiya speaks to say they must not declare war as this would give Egwene too much power. Romanda agrees and adds they should dissuade the Amyrlin from a call to war. Egwene tells them they are wise and Romanda asks about the Hall taking over prosecution of the war. Egwene replies that it would depend on how the proposal was worded. Janya and Saerin arrive. Egwene tries to imply she is being pushed into something. Lelaine says that it makes sense as Egwene has been concentrating on dealing with monarchs. Egwene seizes on this and says she would agree to giving the Hall authority over the war if she has it over kings and queens. Nine of them stand for this proposal, but Janya, Saerin, Takima and Saroiya sit, the last two looking concerned. Doesine and Yukiri arrive and Saerin stands. They also stand on her word it is important and the motion is passed, Saroiya points out that Rand is a king, to Saerin's amusement.

Egwene asks that the Tower Law be changed to prevent such secret meetings. She asks that is a Sitter is out of the Tower, a surrogatte be appointed to replace her and that no meeting of the Hall may take place unless every Sitter and the Amyrlin have been informed and given time to attend. They all stand. After the meeting, she sends Nicola and Nissa to Caemlyn for sleepweavers from Elayne as part of her plan to catch Mesaana and the Black Ajah.

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