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Morgase Trakand
Nationality Andor
Social Status Royalty
Family Elayne Trakand, Gawyn Trakand
First Appearance The Eye of the World, Chapter 40

Author: Moriendar Amechi

Pronunciation: mor-GAYZ trah-KAND

Morgase Trakand was the queen of Andor. She is the mother of Elayne and Gawyn. Her sigil is three golden keys; the sign of House Trakand is a silver keystone.


Morgase married Taringail Damodred and therefore is also the stepmother of Galadedrid Damodred from Taringail's previous marriage.


She greatly resembles Elayne, but her beauty is matured and ripened. She has blue eyes and long, reddish-golden curls. Her commanding presence and her rich voice can fill a room like light. She looks perhaps ten years older than Perrin regardless that she has children almost his age (This passage needs a reference). This is an effect of her having slowed (October 4th, 2005 Robert Jordan's Blog).


She has a temper of a lioness but is a just ruler.

Condensed Timeline

Morgase's Journey

This section contains spoilers relating to Morgase's life prior to the beginning of the series. Please expand to view.

  • After two years of the Succession, Morgase gains the Lion Throne and becomes the Queen of Andor. (TDR, Ch. 47; TFoH, Ch. 19)

The Eye Of The World

The Great Hunt

There is no relevant reference to Morgase in this book.

The Dragon Reborn

  • Morgase travels to the White Tower to visit Elayne. She is furious when she finds out that Elayne is not​ there and refuses to take Elaida back as her Aes Sedai advisor. She demands that Elayne is to be returned to Andor as soon as she gets back. (TDR, Ch. 13)
  • Morgase receives a letter from Elayne, delivered by Matrim Cauthon. She is both pleased and angry at the contents. (TDR, Ch. 46)

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

There is no relevant reference to Morgase in this book.

The Fires of Heaven

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

  • Morgase meets Lady Alteima, but Gaebril intrudes and orders her to her chambers. (TFoH, Ch. 1)
  • Morgase and her party find out that Gareth Bryne is gone at Kore Springs and continue west. (TFoH, Ch. 56)

Lord of Chaos

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

  • Morgase and her party are moved into the Fortress of Light by Pedron Niall, who continues pressing her regarding the treaty. (LoC, Ch. 9)
  • Morgase sees Paitr and his uncle hanged on the day she and her party are planning to escape. She signs Niall's treaty. (LoC, Ch. 31)

A Crown of Swords

This section contains spoilers relating to A Crown of Swords. Please expand to view.

The Path of Daggers

This section contains spoilers relating to The Path of Daggers. Please expand to view.

  • Perrin Aybara and his party rescue Morgase's party from the Dragonsworn. (TPoD, Ch. 7)
  • Maighdin*, Faile, Alliandre, along with several others are captured and made gai'shain by Sevanna's Shaido Aiel. (TPoD, Ch. 30)

Winter's Heart

This section contains spoilers relating to Winter's Heart. Please expand to view.

  • Maighdin*, Faile, and Alliandre are marched to the Shaido camp. Maighdin* attempted to fight her captors but is beaten for it. (WH, Ch. 3)
  • Maighdin's* frostbite was Healed by Galina, an Aes Sedai. She, Faile, and Alliandre are separated from the others in their party. (WH, Ch. 4)

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

  • Maighdin* tries to enter Therava's tent but is caught and punished. Galina's berating was cut short when Aravine intercedes. (CoT, Ch. 9)

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

  • Maighdin* notices that Dairaine is likely to tell the Shaido about their plan to escape. She, Alliandre and Faile tie Daraine up (KoD, Ch. 28).
  • Maighdin*, Alliandre, Faile, Arrela and Lacile are trapped in a collapsed building by Galina. Maighdin* uses saidar on a red scarf Galina had used to mark out the building, causing it to move unnaturally to try to attract attention (KoD, Ch. 28).

The Gathering Storm

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

  • Gareth claims that Rand saved Andor by getting rid of Morgase, if the rumors are true that he did (TGS, Ch. 24).

Towers of Midnight

This section contains spoilers relating to Towers of Midnight. Please expand to view.

  • After being freed, she settles back into the life of a servant, using the skills she learned in the Shaido camp (ToM, Ch. 6).
  • Perrin tells her she and Tallanvor must be married, she refuses (ToM, Ch. 6).
  • She learns Gaebril was in reality Rahvin. She tells Tallanvor that she never loved Gaebril but that he twisted her mind (ToM, Ch. 21).
  • Galad recognizes and identifies her, but she prefers to stay with Perrin than the Whitecloaks (ToM, Ch. 26).
  • She acts as judge in Perrin's trial, finding him guilty but that it is subject to the Kainec Protocol, giving Galad authority over the punishment (ToM, Ch. 34).
  • Lini insists she and Tallanvor marry, and Perrin performs a quick ceremony (ToM, Ch. 44).
  • She returns to Caemlyn and tells Elayne she has renounced the throne (ToM, Ch. 45).
  • She speaks in Perrin's favor when he meets with Elayne and makes the suggestion of giving the Two Rivers to the Dragon Reborn (ToM, Ch. 47).

A Memory of Light

This section contains spoilers relating to A Memory of Light. Please expand to view.

  • During the Last Battle, Morgase works to locate wounded soldiers at the ruins near the River Mora. She organizes and directs others who are helping with the same task (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Strengths and Talents

Relationships with Other Characters

Morgase did not marry Taringail Damodred for love, but to stabilize her claims to the Lion Throne. After Taringail's death, she engaged in an affair with Thom Merrilin, the Court Bard. But when meeting with Thom's rage at his own nephew being gentled by Aes Sedai, Morgase's own temper flared and sent Gareth Bryne to hunt Thom down and kill him. Gareth Bryne became the lonely queen's lover.

The Captain of Guards disliked Gaebril when he showed up in Morgase's court, which is why Bryne was exiled. Morgase then fell under the thrall of Gaebril. Regaining her self-control, she escaped Caemlyn with Tallanvor. The young soldier admitted to Morgase that he loved her.

Morgase loves her two children, Gawyn and Elayne, and had high expectations for them. She said that she was very proud of her daughter when Elayne wrote of her raising to the Accepted at the Tower.

Lini had been the nurse for three generations of Trakand women. Morgase, as a queen, couldn't even escape her lectures and criticisms. Morgase had always respected the old nurse and was lenient with her.

She believes that Alliandre doesn't show the decorum of a queen and wants to show her (ToM, Ch. 6).

She comes to respect Perrin, but at first does not want to give him help as she still thinks of him as a rebel. Despite this, she is disappointed when he orders the wolf banners burnt (ToM, Ch. 6).

Faile is annoyed with her after learning her true identity (ToM, Ch. 29).

During the Last Battle she organises the men and women who do not fight, but help look for injured and survivors (AMoL, Ch. 37).


Quotes by Morgase

"The best lie is often one too ridiculous to be taken for a lie." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 40)

"You’re young at this yet, so I’ll give you advice. There are some things a lord should be involved in, but others he should always leave untouched. You’ll learn the difference as you practice, but kindly refrain from making demands like this one until you’ve at least counseled with your wife" (To Perrin, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 6)

This section contains spoilers relating to Towers of Midnight. Please expand to view.

"I’ve had more from you than I deserve, for longer than I’ve known that I’ve had it. You’ve claimed that the love of a simple soldier is nothing before the mantle of a queen, but I say the measure of a man is not in his title, but in his soul. I’ve seen from you bravery, dedication, loyalty, and love. I’ve seen the heart of a prince inside of you, the heart of a man who would remain true when hundreds around him failed. I swear that I love you. And before the Light, I swear not to leave you. I swear to cherish you forever and have you as my husband." (To Tallanvor, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 44)