Towers of Midnight: Chapter 46

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

Working Leather

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Androl Genhald

Location: Black Tower

Characters: Androl, Emarin, Coteren, Jaim Torfinn, Jonneth Dowtry


Androl has become the de facto leader of the remaining loyal Asha'man. Tensions are rising between them and Taim's men and they decide to investigate further.


Androl works on some leather enjoying the tranquility of it compared to the destruction he was used to. With his shears gone and his knife somewhere else for sharpening he filled himself up with saidin. He thinks about how he can't channel very much of it. The amount he can hold is small and he thinks maybe he shouldn't have been raised to Dedicated but Logain had asked Rand specifically to raise him. Androl weaves a tiny Gateway an inch across that he uses to cut the leather, remembering that Logain had told him he raised him for his skills with Gateways. He finished the armguard he was making. Androl walks through the Black Tower village and sees a group of soldiers blasting a trough next to the road using mainly weaves of earth. Androl continues walking and sees children running around he stops and gives them candy he picked up on his last scouting mission. Some soldiers stopped what they were doing and turned to him. He thinks about how the soldiers show him more respect than he deserves, most of them being the boys from the Two Rivers. Their group is lead by Jaim Torfinn. Androl inspects their work and gives them advice showing them how to make the edges straighter to avoid muddy water using spirit to even out the sides. One of the boys asks about Logain but Androl tells him to be quiet and not make any waves until Logain returns. Then the shadows started creeping towards him so he let go of saidin and they went back to normal. He leaves the town and heads to the practice yard where mainly Dedicated are using fire and earth to level the hills to make room for farming. The men were separated into two groups. Androl thinks about how the Black Tower is starting to separate. Noting that Taim's men's weaves were more wild but more destructive. Just then someone comes with a basket of food for Taim's men. Emarin brings up the fact that they won't be able to fight for the Dragon if they are separated. Androl gives the armguard he made earlier to Jonneth who shoots an arrow. A short while later Coteren walks over and tells them he will be talking to Taim about how much time they are wasting with the bow which won't do them any good. Coteren tells Androl to destroy a rock but with his meagre amount of power he is barely able to flake off a few chips to which Coteren tells him he might want to keep practising with the bow. After Taim's men leave the boys and Androl discuss how Taim has used his private classes to take some of the members and how more and more people are joining Taim's group. Also that Taim is spreading rumors that the Dragon is mad. They decide to listen around and see if they can find some information for Logain when he returns.


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