Towers of Midnight: Chapter 48

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Near Avendesora

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Points of View: Aviendha, Malidra, Norlesh, Tava


Aviendha sees the degraded future of the Aiel, though she is slow to realise it.


Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Rhuidean

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha steps out of the Glass Columns into the central square of Rhuidean. It has been cleared of ter'angreal and Avendesora is healed and once again looks healthy. She is disappointed that the decision to abandon the way of the Leaf was not an honourable one. She wonders if the columns were made for the Aiel and thinks it unlikely, so decides to see if she can use her talent for reading ter'angreal to determine their original purpose. The pillars are incomprehensible and feel almost alive. She turns from them and takes a step.

Malidra's Point of View:

Location: The Waste

Characters: Malidra, Flern

Malidra is eighteen and is stalking the Seanchan, who are building a railway across the Waste. She is hoping to be able to steal food from their trash. She is Aiel, but thinks of herself as one of the Folk. All three of her sisters are dead. She is discovered by one of them who shoots her. As she dies, she hears the other complain that she was only a child, but the one that killed her claims the Aiel are vermin.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Rhuidean

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha is confused and disgusted by Malidra and doesn't realise she has seen the future. She is horrified by her complete lack of honor. She starts to walk away, but there are no more visions, so she turns around and re-enters the columns.

Norlesh's Point of View:

Location: The Waste

Characters: Metalan, Norlesh

Metalan has spent days searching for the ore that the outlanders use. He takes some to people from the village in the foot of the mountains, but they tell him the Seanchan will not allow trade with Aiel. Norlesh does not know what to do. They can't gather as they are attacked if they do, but alone, they are too weak to survive the Waste.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Glass Columns

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha is still confused. She thinks it good that Rand did not reveal this history to the Aiel. She decides to learn more.

Tava's Point of View:

Location: The Waste

Characters: Rowahn, Tava

Tava's hold deep in the Waste is under attack by the Seanchan. She had thought it hidden enough to be safe. She sees Tadvishm die and a Seanchan lowers his gun to her, but her father attacks the soldier and saves her. The Seanchan retreat. Rowahn tries to persuade the survivors to rebuild, but they say it isn't safe to do so and they cannot keep to the old ways.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Setting: Glass Columns

Charactetrs: Aviendha

Aviendha finally recognises the Seanchan and realises she is seeing the future.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What happened to the Aiel? There is clearly some rivalry with the Seanchan, and they are a defeated people, but how did it get to that point?


First Mention

Flern, Jorshem, Malidra, Garlvan, Meise, Metalan, Norlesh, Tava, Tadvishm, Rowahnn

First Appearance

Flern, Malidra, Garlvan, Meise, Metalan, Norlesh, Tava, Tadvishm, Rowahnn

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