Towers of Midnight: Chapter 49

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Court of the Sun

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Points of View: Ladalin, Aviendha, Tava, Oncala, Padra


Aviendha sees more of the fall of the Aiel from just after the Last Battle and that many of the decisions were taken by her descendants.


Ladalin's Point of View:

Location: The Wetlands

Characters: Jorshem, Ladalin, Mora, Takai, Tamaav

It is twenty years since the Seanchan gained the Andoran war machines and Ladalin has only ever known war. She goes to a meeting of the survivors of the Council of Twenty Two, of which only three clan chiefs and two Wise Ones remain. The Taardad are without a chief, and do not know how to replace one now that Rhuidean has fallen. Tamaav arrives and tells them the White Tower has fallen. The other Wise One, Mora, says they should go to the Waste and seek penance for failing to maintain the peace the Dragon wanted. Jorshem agrees and they ask Ladalin her thoughts, looking to her above all others as she is the last of the Dragon blooded. She says they should go back and regroup. Takai blames Rand for abandoning them, but Ladalin says Aiel take responsibility for themselves.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Glass Columns

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha feels that Ladalin was the worst yet as she showed hints of being Aiel.

Oncala's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Hehyal, Oncala, Talana

Oncala and Hehyal are going to visit Queen Talana of Andor. There has been war for forty years and the Aiel are losing. She resents the Andorans flying the Dragon banner just because they also carry the Dragon's blood and is annoyed that Talana doesn't trust her. Hehyal hands over plans they stole from the palace in Ebou Dar that detail Seanchan plans to have leaders, including the Queen of Andor, assassinated. They do not mention that they are contingency plans, in case the Andorans join the war. Talana tells them she will think on it, but Oncala knows they have her. She believes that the Dragon Empire will replace the Raven Empire

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Glass Columns

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha has recognised herself from Oncala's thoughts and realised Oncala will be her granddaughter. She is disgusted by Oncala's lack of honour.

Padra's Point of View:

Location: Arad Doman

Characters: Alarch, Alalved, Bruan, Darvin, Janduin, Marinna, Ronam, Shedren, Tavalad

Padra kills a Seanchan and watches the others flee through a gateway. She returns to the Aiel camp and goes to a meeting of the Clan Chiefs, the first such since Tarmon Gai'don. She tells them she killed the Seanchan for inspecting the Aiel Camp. Some of the others nod approval. Alalved says the clans are restless. Tavaled says that the Dragon asked for peace, but Alalved says the Aiel were excluded. The chiefs ask the opinions of the Dragon's children. Marinna says they should reclaim those of their own held by the Seanchan. The clans agree to go to war. Padra and Ronam talk about the upcoming war, neither sure if it is right.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Glass Columns

Characters: Aviendha

Aviendha remembers her children from the rings, but did not see any of the future when she went through them. She feels almost certain she saw the true future, not just a possible future, but is determined to do all she can to prevent it anyway.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Did Rand survive?

The Aiel claim he abandoned them, not that he died, but if so where was he?

Where are Elayne and Aviendha?

Less than sixty years after the Last Battle, Elayne's granddaughter is on the throne. Did Elayne die or abdicate?

What happened to Tuon?

The final vision is only seventeen years after Tarmon Gai'don, but there has already been a new Empress for several years.

Mysteries Resolved

The strangeness of Aviendha's children

Two things. Firstly, they are all different, suggesting four eggs were released at once. Secondly, they could all channel from childhood and hold the Power at all times.

The Fall of the Aiel

While we do not see everything, we do see the gradual defeat by the Seanchan.


First Mention

Ladalin, Mora, Tamaav, Takai, Jorshem, Oncala, Hehyal, Talana, Padra, Ronam, Alarch, Janduin, Tavalad, Alalved, Shedren, Darvin, Marinna, Tarra

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