Towers of Midnight: Chapter 50

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Choosing Enemies

Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: The Royal Palace and Cairhien

Characters: Ailil Riatin, Arymilla, Bertome Saighan, Birgitte, Charlz Guybon, Dyelin, Elenia, Elayne, Lorstrum Aesnan, Morgase, Naean


Elayne arranges to get the support of powerful Cairhienin nobles by offering them titles in Andor.


Elayne has Guybon fetch Elenia, Arymilla and Naean. Their houses have abandoned them and refused to pay the the ransoms Elayne demanded. She strips the houses of the lands, titles and estates. She brings in a group of Cairhienin nobles who had been waiting outside. Aside from Ailil, they are mainly those who rose to prominence by neither supporting Rand strongly, nor opposing him. She mentions how the estates she has just confiscated have no stewards and that the addition of a few Cairhienin nobles would be a good addition to her court. Lorstrum and Bertome are the first to see what she is hinting and agree to her plan. Lady Osiellin and Lord Mavabwin are next and Elayne tells them she could divide the final estate between them. She then offers Elenia lands in Cairhien, which Elenia says she will consider. Lorstrum and Bertome go back to Cairhien to arrange giving the crown to Elayne.

After they leave, Morgase and Dyelin explain to Birgitte that it gained Elayne the throne of Cairhien but that it also strengthened Lorstrum and Bertome enough that they may make a play for one of the thrones eventually. They will wait until their positions are secure, but eventually will try to undermine Elayne.


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