Towers of Midnight: Chapter 9

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Blood in the Air

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Mat

Setting: The Band's camp outside of Caemlyn

Characters: Mat, gholam, Teslyn, Noal, Thom, Joline



Mat fights the gholam in his camp


Upon entering his tent Mat is immediately attacked by the gholam. Mat dodges the ghollam with a roll he uses to get to his ashandarei which he uses to defend himself. Mat calls for help hoping the crowd will scare the gholam off. The fight quickly moves out of the tent and Mat wraps his Foxhead medallion ter'angreal aroud his ashandarei so he can use it to injure the ghollam. Mat slightly injures the gholam and the gholam tells him it has also been instructed to kill Thom, Noal, and Tuon to draw Mat out which startles Mat enough that it leaves an opening that the gholam tries to take advantage of but Teslyn shows up and uses weaves of air to tear the knife out of the gholam's hand and pull Mat backwards. Teslyn uses weaver of air to throw furniture at the gholam which scares him off. As the gholam runs away he encounters a couple of Redarm guards, Gorderan and Fergin, and easily dodges them and tears their throats out. Mat returns to his tent to see whose blood was there and discovers Lopin, Riddem, and Will Reeve dead. He then searches for Olver and runs into Noal who tells him Olver is sleeping on his floor.

An hour later Mat tells Noal and Thom about his encounter with the gholam and warns them of the its threats towards them. Derry, a guard who was missing for several days, was found dead outside the camp and they presume he was the one who told the gholam about Tuon. Thom, Noal, and Mat decide to hunt the gholam but in the meantime will move into the city and stay at a different inn each night and let it b known in case the ghollam is listening. Joline shows up and asks Mat to lend her some horses as she will be returning to the White Tower.


Character Development

  • He shows extreme worry for his wife Tuon as well as Olver


First Mention

Riddem, Will Reeve, Derry

First Appearance

Riddem, Will Reeve, Derry

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