Zarya Alkaese

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


Zarya Alkaesa is a Saldaean member of the Kin who ran away from the Tower seventy years earlier (ACoS, Ch. 23). She appears no older than Nynaeve, with dark tilted eyes, a strongly hooked nose and a wide mouth. She is strong in the Power, as strong as Romanda (ACoS, Ch. 23). She is about the same height as Nynaeve (WH, Ch. 8) and is head taller than Berowin (ACoS, Ch. 23). She had returned to Ebou Dar around the time Elayne and Nynaeve visited the city, where she went by the name Garenia Rosoinde. Prior to this, she had spent twenty years as a merchant (TPoD, Ch. 28). When Setalle recognised her, she claimed that Zarya Alkaese was her grandmother's sister who had gone to the Tower (ACoS, Ch. 23). She has something of the Saldaean temper (ACoS, Ch. 23).


She would have accepted wilders and even sought out people who can be taught (ACoS, Ch. 24). She was a novice with Careane for two years (TPoD, Ch. 28). She is strong in the Power, as strong as Lelaine or Romanda (ACoS, Ch. 23) and one of eight of the kinswomen in Caemlyn with the strength to make a gateway (CoT, Ch. 12).



"Do you think we're fools, girl? I'll tell you this. If I had my way, we would bundle you out to the farm no matter what you say. A few months of Alise's attentions, and you'd learn to guard your tongue and be grateful for the help you spit on" (To Nynaeve and Elayne, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 23)