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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Arinvar is Sheriam Bayanar's Warder. He is a slender Cairhienin with gray at his temples and a hard face (TFoH, Ch. 27; CoT, Ch. 17; KoD, Ch. 1).

He rides a dark bay stallion (CoT, Ch. 17).


  • After scouting the riverbank opposite Tar Valon, he rides back to their camp with Sheriam and the others. As Sheriam speeds through a group of workmen to get back to her papers, he stays just long enough to see that they are getting to their feet again, before hurrying after her (CoT, Ch. 17).
  • When Siuan stops Nightlily in front of Myrelle's tent, he silently offers to hold her reins, but she fastens the mare to a wooden slat. He returns to wait outside the tent and bows formally to Lelaine when she comes by (KoD, Ch. 1).


"Do you think that we will need a great captain, then?" Sheriam asked quietly.
Nuhel and Arinvar did not look at one another, but Siuan still had the feeling that they had exchanged glances. "It is your decision, Sheriam," Arinvar replied just as quietly, "yours and the other sisters, but if you mean to return to the Tower, we could use him. If you intend to remain here until Elaida sends for you, then not."
(Sheriam and Arinvar about Gareth Bryne; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)