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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: September 17 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

At TarValon.Net we are very open to real life gatherings and we also organize at least three Official Events per year, where our members can gather together for fun, jokes, drinking and good times. Well… not this year. This year has been different and difficult for many of us. But we have kept our high spirits and decided to get together regardless, by taking our events online!

If you are a member of our site, you are welcome to join one of our Virtual Events in the official Discord server. The events are planned beforehand and announced in the Virtual Events forum. Keep an eye out for anything of interest to you! One such event was hosted on August 29th 2020, and it was a Trivia Game. The game was split up into two rounds. The first round was comprised of questions about the community and history of TarValon.Net. In the second, we asked our hardcore Wheel of Time fans some really difficult questions from the books!

The rules were simple:

  1. The leading person will ask questions by voice. The questions will be read clearly and slowly. If needed the questions will be repeated. (Since one of the leading people had an eastern European accent :D)
  2. All the participants will write their answers in the channel, specified for the game.
  3. Anyone can answer as many times as they want.
  4. The Wheel of Time questions will be mostly based around the story from Books 1-8. If all participants have read all the books, then questions from the later books might be included.

If you are interested in a full list of the questions asked in each round keep an eye out for the event post in the library.

Lead by Aleita Taviah, OAT

In this round a point was awarded for each correct answer and Aleita Sedai waited for each of the participants to write at least one guess to consider the question answered and then revealed the correct answers. The questions varied in difficulty, from easy, “How many people serve in the Hall of the Tower as Sitters or Councillors?“, through deep research worthy questions, “How many people were raised to Aes Sedai and Gaidin combined in 2018?” (very difficult page to find in the Library), to legitimately difficult ones, “In which month and year was the first official Admin Meeting held?“.

The first place for this round was almost a tie, but Accepted Dar'Jen Ab Owain lept forward victorious on the final question to break the tie, and win her first TarValon.Net trivia fair and square!

Lead by Ilverin Matriam, OAC

In the second round Ilverin Sedai chose to award the point to whoever answers correctly first. So apart from showing their knowledge of the Wheel of Time, the participants were also in a race for who types the fastest! A fun thing to mention, is that we found out that Serinia Sedai, our Amyrlin Seat, was one of the participants. Serinia was typing from their phone and didn’t have many WoT words saved in her auto correct. This is interesting for later!

The questions, again, varied in difficulty and subject. From questions about the Westlands, “Which country is the following banner of: Two Golden Leopards on a field checked in red and blue?“. To questions about the Forsaken, such as, “What is the real name of Ishamael?” and even a few questions about the Old Tongue, “What does the name of the Aiel Society “Aethan Dor” mean, translated from the Old Tongue?“.

So, remember the fun fact from before? Well, it turns out that one can win a Wheel of Time trivia round, even while typing from their phone! Unsurprisingly, our very own Amyrlin Seat, Serinia Edoras grabbed the first spot with 10 correct answers, followed closely by Idine Espanyas, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah with 9 correct answers.

Prizes were made by our Outreach Activities Co-ordinator, Ilverin Matriam for the winners.

For those running the trivia event, it was a lot of fun and made us feel like we are hanging out with our friends, but from the comfort of our homes. Even if our Australian contingent had to be ready to go at 7am!

We hope that everyone who attended had fun and hope to see more people joining us next time!