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Bel Tine 2017 is TarValon.Net's Spring Festival and was held March 20 - 27.

During that week, there were 5 events held and multiple people participating. 5 groups entered the Group Theme contest and the winner was decided by a site-wide vote. After two of the groups receiving equal amount of votes, there was a Sudden Death round, where everyone voted again, this time for one of the two groups left.

Introduction post - "Welcome to Bel Tine!!!". Please expand to read more.

It was a fine Spring day and everything in the land surrounding Tar Valon, and the river, was beautiful and serene. Everything, that is, except for Novice Else Grinwell.

This young lady was neither peaceful or serene. She was currently serving a penance on a farm just outside of one of the villages because she could not behave and always looked for ways to get out of her daily chores. She glared balefully at the Tower in the distance, and for a while she didn’t hear the chittering behind her. When she noticed, she spun around, brandishing her tools, and saw a groundhog.

This groundhog was not an ordinary groundhog, because it started to speak to her! Our young Novice realized at once that this was the Evil Groundhog. She started to call for help, but then he offered her a way to get her farming done quickly so she would be done with it. He dug in his hole in the ground and pulled out an object shaped like a curved horn, but woven like a basket. He told her it was a special Ter’angreal and that it would make all the plants come up now, instead of waiting for months. All she had to do was take it, as it did not require Channeling, just human touch.

Our young wayward Novice was a greedy and lazy soul and before she really thought about it, she reached out and grasped the strange object. All at once, all the crops in every farm grew. Then the grass. Then the trees. Then the flowers in the gardens. Everything grew until the farms and villages surrounding Tar Valon were covered in gargantuan vegetation, and then it spread inward, over the bridges, and through the streets, all the way to the Tower Grounds and the Tower itself!

Else stood there in shock for a moment, then dropped the Ter’angreal with a squeak, and ran away, with the chittering laughter of the Evil Groundhog chasing after her.

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Welcome to Bel Tine, our Spring Festival! It lasts from now, Monday, March 20[SUP]th[/SUP], until Monday, March 27th.

You're in the Faire Grounds, which are normally open only twice a year, for Bel Tine and the fall festival Shaoman. If you're a Junior Member, the rules here are somewhat more relaxed than they are in the rest of the forums: here you will not need to use titles when addressing Senior Members. However, everyone must still respect their fellow members as always.

Any issues or concerns regarding a fellow member should be handled through the normal channels, which would be your membership administrator (the Mayor, Mistress of Novices & Recruits, or Mistress of Accepted & Soldiers if you're a JM; if you're a SM, you know who your membership admin is.)

Any issues, concerns, or questions about the event itself should be directed to the Outreach Activities Coordinator ( or to the Director of Community Outreach (

Please feel free to use the Signatures provided below!

Welcome again, and have fun!


  • Group Theme Contest
  • Quest of Champions
  • Boasting Contest
  • Find The Ogier! (Would You Rather)
  • Spamathon