Bodies of Water

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Author: Roland al'Kena

River Alguenya
  • The Alguenya starts just west of Kinslayer's Dagger and goes south through Cairhien. It joins the River Erinin at the towns of Aringill and Maerone.
  • Places along the way: Aringill, Maerone, Cairhien
  • The Aiel crossed the Alguenya in their search for He Who Comes With the Dawn.
  • Mat crossed the Alguenya with his Band of the Red Hand to stop invading Andorans.
Arinelle River
  • The Arinelle River is a major river of the Westlands. It flows from Saldaea and south into Murandy. It joins the Manetherendrelle. The only bridge crossing south of Maradon is Whitebridge.
  • Places along its Path: Maradon, Shadar Logoth, Whitebridge
River Armahn
  • The River Armahn flows through the northern part of Murandy.
  • Places along the way: None.
Aryth Ocean
  • The Aryth Ocean is a huge body of water that separates the westland to the east and Seanchan to the west.
  • Countries bordering the Aryth Ocean: Saldaea, Arad Doman, Tarabon
  • Hawkwing sent his Armies east across the Aryth Ocean where they created the country known as Seanchan.
River Cary
  • The River Cary flows along the western border of Murandy, it flows into Illian where it joins with the Manetherendrelle.
  • Places along the River Cary: Carysford
The Dead Sea
  • The Dead Sea is a body of water to the west of the Blight, north of Saldaea.
  • This river flows west from the Mountains of Mist into the Aryth Ocean at Bandar Eban
  • Places along the Dhagon: Bandar Eban
  • Flows along the borders of Ghealdan and Amadicia, on the Amadician side. It then flows into Altara and down into the Sea of Storms.
  • Places along its way: Samara, Boannda, Cormaed, Salidar, So Eban, Alkindar, Coramen, Ebou Dar
  • About a mile east of the Eldar is Salidar (the Tower in exile)
River Erinin
  • The Erinin flows west out of the Spine of the World. It makes the southern borders of Shienar and then Arafel. At the western end of the southern border of Arafel it drops south, where it flows around Tar Valon, it then follows the western border of Cairhien then the eastern border of Andor. It keeps flowing south into Tear where it flows into the city of Tear and brakes into the Fingers of the Dragon, and flows into the Sea of Storms.
  • Places along its path: Tar Valon, Jurene, Aringill, Maerone, Tear
  • When the river splits to go around the Island of Tar Valon, the western branch is called the Alindrelle Erinin and the eastern branch, the Osendrelle Erinin.
River Gaelin
  • The River Gaelin starts in Kinslayers Dagger and flows west where it joins the river Alguenya north of the city of Cairhien.
  • Places along its path: Jangai Pass, Cairhien
  • Rand and his forces push most of the defeated Shaido Aiel north across the Gaelin.
  • The Iralell flows west of the Spine of the World into the River Erinin
  • Places along its path: Stedding Cantoine
  • Cairhienin soldiers sing a song about defeating Tairens at the River Iralell.
  • This River flows west from the Black Hills into the Arinelle.
  • Places along its path: None
  • There are four Ogier stedding north of the Ivo in the forests.
  • The Manetherendrelle (or "Waters of the Mountain Home" in the Old Tongue) flows east out of the Mountains of Mist. It then flows south into Illian and out into the Sea of Storms.
  • Places along its path: Remen, Illian
  • The City of Manetheren lay on the banks of the Manetherendrelle before it was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars.
  • The Lugard Road passes over the Manetherendrelle at Remen
Morenal Ocean
  • The Morenal Ocean is a large body of water between the countries of countries of Seanchan to the East and Shara to the West.
  • The River Reisendrelle flows through Murandy where it goes into the Manetherendrelle.
  • Places along its path: Lugard
Sea of Storms
  • The Sea of Storms is a large body of water south of the Westlands. The Land of Madmen is directly South of The Sea of Storms.
  • Countries bording the Sea of Storms: Altara, Illian, Tear, Mayene
  • The River Shal flows southwest of the Hills of Kintara west of the Doirlan Hills and then flows into the Manetherendrelle.
  • Places along its path: None
  • The River Storn flows southwest through Murandy to Lugard where it joins the River Reisendrelle
  • Places along its path: Lugard
Taren River
  • It is also known as the Tarendrelle. This is the River that the forces of Manetheren made their last stand to protect Manetheren from a horde of Trollocs and Dreadlords during the Trolloc Wars.

White River: See Manetherendrelle.