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Recipes from the White Kitchen

Our favourWHITE food


Devilled Eggs
Tomato-Bacon Cups

Main Courses

Colorful Kielbasa
Eggplant Elegante
Bacon Hotpot
Feel Good Casserole
Andra Sedai’s WHITE Corn Casserole
Lemon Risotto
Ham Bake
Great Grandma Bobek’s Shepherd’s Pie
Pass It On Meatballs
Enchiladas Suizes
Tar Valon Gold Crown Casserole
Healthy Hummus
Chicken Casserole
White Potato Soup with bacon


Mascarpone with Ginger and Chocolate
Mousse au Chocolat
WHITE Trifle
Lemon Curd
One of Nat’s favourite easy recipes
Fried Jam Butties


“Rawr” Guacamole
Grandma Mary’s Southern Cole Slaw


Ajah Based Cocktail Menu
Classic Champagne Cocktail
Home-made Lemonade
Bubble Milk

WHITE around the World

Chinese recipes from Amara Danicek in China

So these are all low-fat lower calorie vegetarian meals. It would be super easy to throw in some meat though. I can say the Hunan dishes taste better with meat but I can’t cook meat so I’ve mad due without.

Mandarin Curry Couscous
Amara’s Quick and Dirty Hunan HuaCai
Steamed Dumplings

Indian recipes from Elin Al'Nia

Spicy Baked Chicken
Peas Pulau

Home Baking

WHITE flour and sugar of course

Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
Sour Dough Bread
Lemon Pound Cake
Monkey Bread
Banana Bread
Great Grandma Kershaw’s Scottish Shortbread Cookies
WHITE Chocolate Cupcakes
Runeberg’s cakes

It’ll be all WHITE on the night

WHITE themed dinner party menus

Dinner party menu for six
Vichyssoise soup
Chicken in white wine
Vanilla Panna Cotta

Dinner party for four people
Ham & melon salad
Chicken in peppercorn sauce
Meringue with raspberries

WHITE (weight) watching

WHITE-Watching – for those who’d like to be half the White they are …

The Healthier Blueberry Pie
Crispy Baked Chicken
Chicken Jambalaya
Cabbage Recipes
Parmesan glazed sole fillets with grilled tomatoes
Cranberry-Nut Wheat Loaf