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TarValon.Net's wiki (called the Library below) contains extensive information about the Wheel of Time books and television series, but it also includes information about, and the history of, the community of TarValon.Net.

The Library's Layout

The Layout of the Library, described in the text

The layout of the Library is similar to other wikis that exist online since it uses the MediaWiki software.

Main Content

The main content of the page usually takes up most of the space on the page (big yellow rectangle). The main content includes all the information about the subject of the article (the title usually describes the subject).


The bottom of the page is where the categories are located (yellow). The categories are helpful to show where the current page in view can be found, and what type of content it belongs to.

Example: The Library has two similarly titled pages with different subjects - Red Ajah, about the Red Ajah in the books, and Red Ajah (TarValon.Net) for the Red Ajah in the community of TarValon.Net. Because these two pages belong in different places of the wiki, they have different categories.


On the left side of the main content (purple) there is a sidebar which serves for quick access to special pages (such as the Recent Changes and Random Page), and the search function.

Navigation Bar

On the top of the content (purple) is the navigation bar, this may look different for different user accounts, depending on their user rights, or for those who are not logged in. There are several tabs on the left side navigation which are related to the current content on the page (Edit the page, the History of the page, etc.). On the right side of the navigation is the User info, where a user can change their preferences and can see their contributions.

Navigation Bar

There are several important tabs on the navigation bar that might be of use when editing or when reviewing the changes made to a page.

1. Discussion tab - which could be named as "Talk" in other wikis, opens up or creates a new page where you may write questions, comments, or suggestions, regarding the page that is currently in view.

2. Edit tab - clicking on Edit opens the text editor, where wiki code is written.

2.1 Summary - Summary field is there to leave a short comment about the changes made to the page.

2.2 Save Changes – clicking this button will save the changes made to the wiki code and will create a history log of the edit.

2.3 Show preview - clicking this button will show a preview of the changes made to the wiki code.

3. History tab – clicking this button will open up the version history of the page that's currently in view. Version history is a log of all the changes done on the page.

What information does the version history give?
  • The date and hour of the change (in the user's timezone)
  • The username of the user who has made the change.
  • The heading under which the change was made.
  • The summary that the user who has made the change has submitted (if any).

Navigating by Categories

All categories can be found here – Categories

The Library is separated into four main categories:

1. The Wheel of Time (book series) Category:The Wheel of Time For subcategories going three levels deep, see Categories (The Wheel of Time).

2. TarValon.Net Category:TarValon.Net For subcategories going three levels deep, see Categories (

3. The Real World Category:The Real World

4. The Wheel of Time TV series Category:The Wheel of Time TV Series

Navigating from Main Page

Currently the Main Page contains sections with useful links leading to different types of content that the Library has to offer.

The TarValon.Net section includes useful links for people interested in the structure of the site, the different community groups, and the events (both fun and philanthropic) which are usually held on the site.

Search Function

How to search for specific pages is described more in depth in the page How to Search the Library.

For questions or when in need of more information, contact the Director of Research and Records at