Ines Demain

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Ines Demain is a noblewoman from Chachin, Kandor. She is one of the women on Moiraine and Siuan's list of women who might have given birth to the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 17).

Her son is Rahien, whom she named so because she saw the sun coming up over Dragonmount when he was born. Her husband, whom she loved, is dead (NS, Ch. 24).


  • Ines Demain gives birth to a baby boy whom she names Rahien. He is born one day after the Aiel begin their retreat and Gitara Moroso has her Foretelling about the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 23).
  • Ines goes into seclusion for a month in the Aesdaishar Palace when her husband falls over dead in his porridge. She will stay in seclusion for a month, seeing no one but close family (NS, Ch. 24).
  • Ten days later, Moiraine and Siuan arrive at the Aesdaishar Palace to find out if Ines is the mother of the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 23).
  • Siuan learns that Ines and Rahien are not the ones, as Rahien was born nearly two miles from Dragonmount in a farmhouse (NS, Epilogue).


  • Ines is the first woman Moiraine has found who could actually see Dragonmount when she gave birth (NS, Ch. 23).


"I found Ines Demain almost right off, but not where I can reach her. She's a new widow, but she did have a son, for sure. Named him Rahien because she saw the dawn come up over Dragonmount. Talk of the streets. Everybody thinks it a fool reason to name a child." (Siuan to Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 23).

"A much older man, but it seems she loved him. She's been given ten rooms and a garden on the south side of the palace; her husband was a close friend to Prince Brys." Ines would remain to herself a full month, seeing no one but close family. Her servants only came out when absolutely necessary. (Siuan to Moiraine;New Spring, Chapter 24).