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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Kinhuin is an Aiel warrior of the Mera'din, the Brotherless, who joined the Jumai Shaido. He has a smooth face, green eyes and full lips (TPoD, Ch. 11). He takes on the role of Alliandre's protector (TGS, Ch. 21).

He asks Sevanna and the Wise Ones to equal the shares of the Jumai and the Mera'din. Sevanna uses this chance to tie the Mera'din tighter to her by promising him the Wise Ones would certainly speak in favor for them (TPoD, Ch. 11).

He helps Rolan in rescuing Faile and the others out of the collapsed building (KoD, Ch. 30). Faile kills him (TGS, Ch. 21).


"The other women gave her hard looks before Tion motioned abruptly for Kinhuin to lead the way. He had to tear his eyes away from Sevanna to comply. Wearing a faint smile -- he had been staring at her, not Someryn -- she watched them vanish into the mass of people moving about the manor grounds." (Sevanna watching the Wise Ones and Kinhuin leave; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 11)