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Any Citizen wishing to petition the Hall for entrance to the Tower as a Junior Member must have secured two sponsors to vouch for him or her before the Hall. These sponsors must hold the rank of Senior Member (i.e. Aes Sedai or Gaidin).

The Tower requires Senior Member sponsorship in order to ascertain a more accurate impression of the Citizen’s interactions and activity within the forums from one who is completely familiar with TarValon.Net’s policies and expectations from its Community Membership. This Senior Member personally vouches for the Citizen’s compatibility with TarValon.Net and presents the Citizen as one ready to become a Junior Member of the community.

Posting a thread in the forums asking for sponsors is discouraged. The easiest way to find Senior Members willing to give recommendations is for the Citizen to just be oneself and interact normally on the boards. One is bound to find another with things in common, and this can start natural conversations with other Community Members both in the threads and in PMs. Sometimes this other person is a Senior Member. Most Senior Members are not averse to receiving a random PM, discussing something which came up in the threads.

A Senior Member tends to not prefer the circumstance of a Citizen's first contact being blatantly with the sole purpose of gaining a sponsor for the Hall. Most Senior Members will turn down a request for sponsorship if it is felt that he/she does not know the citizen well enough to vouch for them before the Hall. The particulars of how well a Senior Member might be acquainted with the citizen vary.

The majority of Senior Members simply need to determine that the Citizen is both friendly and interested in the Tower. Others choose to wait and see how involved the Citizen might become, or how maturely they act with others on the site. Some Senior Members sponsor only Citizens with whom they feel a kinship of some sort, whether due to common interests, experiences or otherwise. The exact motivations of sponsorship are as diverse as the Senior Members themselves.

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