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This is a Former Tower Role

This position was an administrator within the Department of Membership Services. The Manager is responsible for the oversight and smooth management of the Guilds, artistic development within the community, New Member Services, and City Development. The Manager will be expected to assume the responsibilities of any of the staff beneath him/her should the need arise – this is something that can be learned and is not expected of new applicants. The Manager will be the first contact within the administrative chain of command between his/her staff and the Director; they'll be in charge of assessing the administrators and staff within the service area, keeping up morale amongst those people, and dealing with personnel issues.

The position should be filled by a creative, self-driven and organized individual; perhaps most importantly this person needs to be able to work independently when necessary and under direction otherwise. A demonstrated understanding of the mission statement of TarValon.Net and the direction that the community is taking are a must. Intimate knowledge of the service area is not necessary, anything can be learned, but willingness to do so should be demonstrated. This position is still within its infancy and therefore will be fairly malleable by the chosen applicant.

Chain of Command

Duties and Responsibilities


  • member of TarValon.Net in good standing for six months
  • capable of spending 10-15 hours a week on the boards and elsewhere executing the duties of the position
  • willing to stay in this position for at least 1 year


Managers of General Services