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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Meralda is one of the female members of Cha Faile, the society of Cairhienin and Tairens imitating the Aiel who have pledged themselves to Faile Bashere (TPoD, Ch. 8).

Meralda is a Tairen. She is dark, stocky, and as tall as Faile (TPoD, Ch. 8).


  • The spies return and tell Faile and the other members of their society what they learned in Bethal. Meralda comments that she thinks if Masema appeared at the gates of Bethal alone, they'd give him the city and beg for mercy. Faile is given a map of Bethal, and information on what Alliandre does, and is told that no one searches the wagons that leave the city. Faile tells them all that they have done well, and then gives them instructions to return to Bethal and wait for word from her (TPoD, Ch. 8).
  • Meralda is not mentioned by name in "Knife of Dreams", but unless she died in the attack against the Shaido, then she is still with Perrin and Faile (Knife of Dreams).


"They would," Meralda put in contemptuously, buckling her own sword round her waist, "and beg for mercy." Dark and stocky, Meralda was as tall as Faile, but the Tairen woman ducked her head at a frown from Selande and murmured an apology. There were no doubts who led Cha Faile, after Faile herself. (Meralda to Faile about her thoughts on Bethal giving in to Masema; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8).