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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Musenge is a Captain of the Deathwatch Guard and commander of Tuon's personal body-guard. He is cold, weathered and grizzled with unbroken black hair, despite his age, and eyes like polished stones. He is also described as stocky, stolid and built for endurance with a worn but hard face (CoT, Ch. 4; KoD, Ch. 34; Ch. 37).

He has a raven tattooed on his left shoulder, marking him as property of the Imperial family (KoD, Ch. 37).


  • When they reach the Band's camp, Musenge stays behind with the other Deathwatch Guards in case of a trap. Ajimbura, Karede's manservant, runs back to report to Musenge that there is no trap and the High Lady Tuon is in the camp (KoD, Ch. 36).
  • As Karede returns with Tuon to Ebou Dar, Musenge and a dozen of the Deathwatch Guards stay with the Band to confuse the attackers. During the fight, Musenge receives an arrow though his left arm. Afterwards, Hartha looks for the traitor among the dead, showing Zaired Elbar's head to Musenge. He says that it must be brought to Tuon as fast as possible (KoD, Ch. 37). The evidence of the traitor's head that Musenge brings her permits Tuon to strip Suroth of her titles and make her da'covale (KoD, Epilogue).
  • He leaves a company of archers out of sight and trained on Rand when he meets with Tuon (TGS, Ch. 35).
  • After Mat and Tuon consumate their relationship, he is present the following morning (AMoL, Ch. 17).


"'Look, would you stop calling me that? My name is Mat. After today, I'd say you have a right to use it.' Mat surprised himself by sticking out his hand.

That stone mask crumpled in astonishment. 'I could not do that, Highness,' he said in scandalized tones. 'When she married you, you became Prince of the Ravens. To speak your name would lower my eyes forever.'"(Mat and Musenge, when Mat cannot bear being called "Highness" any longer; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 37)