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|Fall 2019
|[[Miliham Rastoubel]]
|[[Soronhen Ciryaher]]
|Spring 2019
|Spring 2019

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A complete list of every Gaidin who has served in the Hall on behalf of San d'ma Shadar.

Term Councillor Councillor Councillor
Fall 2019 Miliham Rastoubel Soronhen Ciryaher
Spring 2019 Analiese Sinclaer* Arn Oakenskye Miliham Rastoubel*
Fall 2018 Analiese Sinclaer Arn Oakenskye
Spring 2018 Analiese Sinclaer Arn Oakenskye
Fall 2017 Willam Cambrae Ty al'Djinn
Spring 2017 Willam Cambrae Ty al'Djinn
Fall 2016 Soronhen Ciryaher Ty al'Djinn
Spring 2016 Jas'yn Al'Dragoran Ty al'Djinn
Fall 2015 Jas'yn Al'Dragoran Soronhen Ciryaher
Spring 2015 Nethanel al'Tere James Davion
Fall 2014 Sean Dragoran Ty al'Djinn
Spring 2014 Kaldam Luciere Doneavan al'Keavin
Fall 2013 Jeffan Caliarthan Stephen Lightheart
Spring 2013 Esteban Diego Stephen Lightheart
Fall 2012 Pol Rohanson Nethanel al'Tere
Spring 2012 Jeffan Caliarthan Atreyu Silverstar
Fall 2011 Jeffan Caliarthan Azi al'Thone* John al'Ramin*
Spring 2011 Soronhen Ciryaher Anigrel Tavadon
Fall 2010 Robertus Cain Tenedos Therwene
Spring 2010 Caerwyn Jolan Atreyu Silverstar
Fall 2009 Darian Coralis Esteban Diego
Spring 2009 Darian Coralis Anigrel Tavadon* Mazarin Ashinar*
Fall 2008 Mazarin Ashinar Sean al'Dragoran
Spring 2008 Willam Cambrae Roland al'Kena
Fall 2007 Doneavan al'Keavin Esteban Diego
Spring 2007 Doneavan al'Keavin Esteban Diego
Fall 2006 Jax Devenshore Sean al'Dragoran* Arn Oakenskye*
Spring 2006 Darian Coralis Robertus Cain
Fall 2005 Camden Avery Mazarin Ashinar
Spring 2005 Jax Devenshore
Fall 2004 Ecarion Da'vriyn Robertus Cain
Spring 2004 Willam Cambrae Robertus Cain
Fall 2003 Willam Cambrae
Spring 2003 Soryn Vandalhaert
Fall 2002 Mac al'Bannon

* Did not serve the full term.

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