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Thinking on this and the Awarded Merits pages, the names are not particularly revealing. Any thoughts on a better name?--Toral, Department Director and subsupreme overlord 14:52, 7 January 2013 (UTC)

Prioritise however you want--Toral, Department Director and subsupreme overlord 22:22, 2 January 2012 (UTC)

Merit Badges
Merit Source of data Completed (Y/N) Comments
Membership Merit N Has to be got from the spreadsheet of Dhoom and too much info for one article here, unless we did it by year?
Senior Membership Merit Category:Raisings N Could probably pull together the full list pretty quickly?
Local Liaison Merit Local Liaison N As soon as we finalise the article it should be a breeze to award the rest of the Merits
Committee Head Merit N Poor info here
Camp Nurse Merit - N?
Committee Leadership Merit - N? Awarded by Admin
Local Events Merit Local Events N Quite a bit of work to do here but info should be gotten from people looking to claim merits to help expand this section
Extraordinary Service Merit - N? Awarded by Admin, once awarded perhaps we can keep a page of what it was received for?
Events Participation Merit - N I just don't think we have this info, nor is it something we'll keep track of in the histories.
Attendance Merit Event Attendees N? Some more work to do on the main article here and on individual's pages. Also the attendance lists, though from 2008 onwards they are pretty good.
Amyrlin's Champion Merit Amyrlin's Tournament N Az and Josef to receive theirs.
Spirit Merit - Y Awarded by Dept, none as yet. Probably not an article in itself but each Online Event should have it's own article.
Epic Prank Merit none as yet ? I'd like to do pages for each Epic Prank, just for a fun read but it could be a LOT of work?- It could be, but it would be a great start on a "tower memories" section
Members' Choice Award Merit Members' Choice Award Y  :D
Amyrlin's Award Merit Amyrlin's Awards Y  :D
Group Pride Merit Group Pride N
Climbing the Ladder Merit Executive Branch (Time Served) ? Probably best to get the info from this page as it's contains ALL the people who has served at that level rather than the other two tiers which detail only those over 2 years. What are your thoughts on a separate article? Like the one I suggested for Group Pride, only those that have served in at least 2 of the 3 tiers?

They'd probably have to have done at least two levels and it would probably also be a lot of work, though most if not all the execs have previously been an admin or staff, and most admins have also been staff

Globetrotter Merit Globetrotter N? Still to update main article
Rock Star Merit Should we have a page? N? Awarded by Admin
Staff Merit Staff Positions (Time Served) N Hopefully get the main article finished soon
Administrator Merit Admin Positions (Time Served) N This article is complete isn't it? Should be easy to award merits to those due them
Executive Merit Executive Branch (Time Served) N Article complete? Merits to be awarded to Elyna, Val, Zhareen, Ari, Lyon, Tarah, Sela, Muireann, Adina.
Officer Merit Officers (Time Served) Y :D
Pro Bono Merit Y? Admin would know best here. Should we have a record?
Editing Merit Special:ListUsers N A couple still to get their merits for their work, Tarah, etc (Zimone as of this month is due Silver unless she's on hold as Historian - Zimone if you continue to edit WoT articles in addition to Community articles then your time doesn't go on hold - just saying >.>)
Reporter Merit Tar Valon Times (Archive by Author) N Just Erin to get hers
Writing Merit Member Contributions N Tarah, Kyria, (Estryien?) just a few here due theirs. And Val. Bryce might be up for a silver
Copywriting Merit - N? I imagine there are others due here, Sela for one as I worked on Member Manuals with her and I presume they fall under that - awarded by Admin
Mentoring Merit Prolific Mentors N Just Alena to get her merit
Classroom Participation Merit - N Info to be received from individual. Nothing to keep track of in library. Perhaps some records to be kept by Headmistress?
Teaching Merit Classes N Article to be updated and added to