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Author: Aintza Bisera
Published: November 22 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

Come join us on the newly improved TarValon.net Discord Server!

Under the guidance and hard work of our newly appointed Mistress of the Watch, Zashara Sho'am, our Discord server has seen quite the overhaul and an exciting influx of activity. There is a channel for everyone and every interest, from Health and Fitness to The Mandalorian. The Discord Ops also plan and host live games, movie days and other Virtual Events.

The TarValon.Net Server channels are divided into several themes: General Info, Virtual Events, General Chat, Hobbies, Fun Stuff, Library, 18+ Chat, Voice Chat and some hidden channels based on ranks within the Tower. At any given moment during the day you can catch everyone from Citizens to Aes Sedai/Gaidin discussing the newest movies or sharing their favorite memes. Behind the scenes the Junior Members are sure to be plotting some kind of mischief and the Senior Members are often seen shake their canes at each other. The TarValon.Net Discord is a place to get to know members from other user groups and chat in real time about anything and everything!

Our Discord Ops also run and plan frequent events for members to participate in. In the past, the Outreach Activities Team has used Discord to run Trivia Events and Social Media Manager, Bruce al'Kay, has hosted several successful game nights. On Saturday, November 21st, there was a Movie Day starting at 11 AM CST and rolling every two hours for Eurovision Song Contest: the Story of Fire Saga. Val'Cueran has two channels dedicated to their current Run with the Wolves in which members are walking or running to Cairhien for the Feast of Lights and back to Tar Valon. The Ops Team and Mistress of the Watch also have big plans for an upcoming event to celebrate all things Discord, so keep an eye out for further announcements!

Here are some quick tips to join the Tower Discord:

  • Click here to join!
  • Make sure your Nickname matches your Tower name!
  • Check out the #rules first!
  • Head over to #rolerequest to request your roles based on rank!
  • Next the first Discord Op available will grant you access to your channels!
  • Finally, dive right in and have fun!

If you have trouble please let one your Discord Ops or Mistress of the Watch know! The Ops are: Aintza Bisera, Alora Sionn, Bruce al'Kay, Kenith Sna'aps, Mendo Cath (DoT), Mejjad Martnandi, Nymala Ingasy (DoM), Qamra Daielin (DoT) and Yenie Antagar.

We look forward to seeing you there!!