A Crown of Swords: Chapter 32

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Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Sealed to the Flame

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Points of View: Elaida, Seaine


Alviarin has Elaida give out more bad orders and Elaida sets Seaine to look for treachery in the Tower, which she takes as being told to hunt the Black Ajah.


Elaida's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Alviarin, Covarla, Elaida, Seaine

Elaida dreams of victory and of Romanda, Lelaine and Sheriam begging to be allowed to swear to her. Alviarin wakes her up and tells her Covarla Baldene has returned from Cairhien. Covarla tells Elaida that she stood highest of those that returned and that the others are dead or captured. Elaida decides that the Aiel must be taught a lesson, preventing Covarla from protesting. She is displeased that Gawyn still lives.

Alviarin asks her if she means to court a third debacle and explains about the Asha'man. She tells Alviarin to write a note ordering Toveine to return, but Alviarin points out there is no way to get it to her. Calling Elaida by her name and not her title, she tells her she must take her advice or she cannot protect her. Elaida is ordered to increase the Tower Guard, to punish Josaine and Adelorna for having an angreal in their rooms and to praise Doraise, Kiyoshi and Farellien. Elaida worries this will set the Ajahs against each other even more and cause trouble, but has to obey. Alviarin tells her that next time they will do something about Rand, and then leaves. Elaida is distraught until she remembers her Foretelling, which she believes is about her victory.

Seaine's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Seaine, Pevara

Elaida visits Seaine's rooms, asking why she stayed when all the other Sitters who were not involved fled. Seaine notices that Elaida is nervous and wonders why. She is told to start an inquiry into treachery in the Tower saying if it goes wrong it could bring disaster to the Tower. Elaida tells her it must have been treachery that allowed Siuan to flee and that orders of hers have been countermanded. She tells Seaine to follow the trail even if it leads to the Keeper. After Elaida leaves, Seaine reasons that if Elaida was scared and not angry, then she must suspect the Black Ajah.

Afraid to do it on her own, she visits Pevara whose family was killed by Darkfriends. Pevara joined the Reds as she believed that would help her hunt them. On the way, she passes Talene and considers, then dismisses, the idea of bringing her in on the search. Pevara is delighted to see her, apologizing for having let their friendship flounder and offers to help. Seaine then explains what she wants and Pevara tells her she is certain the Black Ajah exists, asking her what she knows about events after the Aiel War. Seaine remembers many sisters died in those years and Pevarra reveals that things were "done" then, but does not elaborate. Pevara mentions how brave she was and that Darkfriends have been known to kill all their friends and family to cover what they are. They decide to see if they can catch any sister in a lie.

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