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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Silviana Brehon is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She, of course, sided with Elaida after the division of the Tower and became the Mistress of Novices (TPoD, Ch. 25). Silviana is stocky and has a square face. She speaks with a gruff voice (TPoD, Ch. 25). She has dark hair and large eyes. She wears her hair in a bun (KoD, Prologue). She is appointed Keeper of the Chronicles after Egwene is officially named Amyrlin and reunifies the Tower (TGS, Ch. 46).


  • 999 NE: Silviana becomes the Mistress of Novices (TFoH, Prologue).
  • 999 NE: Elaida sends an Accepted to Silviana (TFoH, Prologue).
  • 1000 NE: Alviarin asks Silviana to help with Elaida’s supposed private penance (TPoD, Ch. 25).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is repeatedly summoned to administer Elaida’s "penances" (CoT, Prologue).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is summoned to administer Alviarin’s "penances" (CoT, Ch. 21).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene is sent to Silviana after she is captured. Silviana tells Egwene that she is to become a novice again (KoD, Prologue).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana questions Leane to see if she is who she claims to be (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene is sent to Silviana several times a day for punishment. Silviana gives orders for her to be Healed every morning (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana decides that Egwene needs to be Healed twice a day because of the amount of punishments she has been receiving (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene talks to Silviana about Shemerin’s demotion to the level of the Accepted (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana beats Egwene, the severity of the beatings has increased. She wears a simple grey dress with red trim. She is tall, stocky and has black hair (TGS, Ch. 2).
  • 1000 NE: She asks Egwene when she is going to give up (TGS, Ch. 2).
  • 1000 NE: She instructs the Mistress of the Kitchens to hold meals because Egwene needs to eat (TGS, Ch. 2).
  • 1000 NE: Elaida has been worried that Silviana was shirking (TGS, Ch. 2).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is reading "Meditations on the Kindling Flame" when Egwene gets to her study (TGS, Ch. 2).
  • 1000 NE: Katerine tells Egwene that Elaida has decided that Silviana is to blame for her not being broken, and that she has replaced Silviana as Mistress of Novices (TGS, Ch. 38)
  • 1000 NE: Saerin tells Egwene that Silviana stood before the Hall, told them Egwene's treatment was unlawful and demanded her release. Then Silviana denounced Elaida and called for her to be removed (TGS, Ch. 38).
  • 1000 NE: Elaida told Silviana to take up novice white and Silviana refused. Elaida ordered her stilled and executed (TGS, Ch. 38)
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is still being held while the Hall decides what to do with her (TGS, Ch. 39).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene orders Silviana brought to her when she is about to be raised to Amyrlin (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene appoints Silviana Keeper of the Chronicles (TGS, Ch. 46).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is performing well as Keeper (TGS, Epilogue).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana summons Egwene, telling her that the Dragon Reborn is in Tar Valon and has requested an audience (ToM, Ch. 3).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana is present when Rand tells Egwene he intends to break the seals. She agrees with Egwene that he should not. She wonders how Egwene could resist him (ToM, Ch. 3).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana tells Gawyn he must wait to see Egwene, as she is busy. After he talks to Egwene, Silviana gives him a disappointing look on the way out (ToM, Ch. 5).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana tells Egwene that the eyes and ears report a massive war going on in the Borderlands. The Trollocs have begun their invasion. She also tells Egwene that the Sitters are meeting (ToM, Ch. 27).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana announces Egwene at the meeting the Sitters were trying to have without her (ToM, Ch. 27).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana questions Egwene on choosing Accepted to retrieve the dream ter'angreal and not swearing them to secrecy. Egwene tells her she is using them to spread rumors. She then asks Silviana about Gawyn and tells her to send him a message to come back to Tar Valon (ToM, Ch. 27).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene asks Silviana about Gawyn. After she tells Egwene she has not heard anything, Egwene asks her to write him again and ask him to return instead of telling him to (ToM, Ch. 35).
  • 1000 NE: The morning after the fall of Caemlyn, Silviana sends reports to Egwene on the situation (AMoL, Ch. 5).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene meets Silviana a the Field of Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 5).
  • 1000NE: While they wait for the meeting at Merrilor to begin, Silviana speaks with Gregorin (AMoL, Ch. 5).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana attends the meeting at Merrilor as one of the five advisors Egwene is allowed to bring with her (AMoL, Ch. 5).
  • 1000 NE: Before the Last Battle begins, Silviana performs Egwene and Gawyn’s marriage ceremony (AMoL, Ch. 9).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana and Egwene discuss the central hospital Elayne wishes to set up for use during the Last Battle (AMoL, Ch. 9).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana goes to Kandor with Egwene and the rest of the White Tower to help hold off the Trollocs there (AMoL, Ch. 18).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana fights Trollocs in Kandor alongside Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 18; AMoL, Ch. 20).
  • 1000 NE: When things begin to go terribly wrong in Kandor, Egwene sends Silviana to find Gareth Bryne. She finds him in the mess tent (AMoL, Ch. 31).
  • 1000 NE: Egwene sends Silviana to gather the Hall before she confronts Bryne about his mishandling of the battle in Kandor (AMoL, Ch. 31).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana attends the meeting that Egwene holds with Tuon (AMoL, Ch. 32).
  • 1000 NE: Once the armies of the Light have gathered at Merrilor and the fighting begins, Silviana surveys the battle through a gateway, alongside Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana fights at Merrilor alongside Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: When Egwene senses that Gawyn is dying, Silviana tries to convince Egwene to pass his bond to her. Egwene refuses (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana helps Egwene try to reach Gawyn before he dies (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: When Gawyn dies, Silviana stops Egwene from drawing too much of the One Power and accidentally hurting their own forces. She then manages to get Egwene through a gateway to Mayene (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • 1000 NE: Silviana tries to convince Egwene to remain in Mayene (AMoL, Ch. 37).


Silviana respects Egwene a great deal and is proud of her (TGS, Ch. 38).

Silviana and Gawyn do not get along. Silviana thinks that he is foolish and a liability to Egwene because of their bond (AMoL, Ch. 37).


  • Silviana has considerably less mercy with sisters than she does with the novices and Accepted (TPoD, Ch. 25).
  • Silviana believes that anything that takes her attention away from the novices and Accepted is a needless disruption (TPoD, Ch. 25).
  • Alviarin visits Silviana every morning for her daily penance (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • Silviana’s punishments make novices and Accepted wish to never be sent to her again (KoD, Prologue).
  • Silviana dislikes forkroot because she thinks that it seems to be directly aimed at Aes Sedai (KoD, Prologue).


"Even to the Amyrlin, she made no effort to hide her disgust. Silviana believes private penance a ridiculous affectation. Penance was public; only punishment took place in private." (Elaida about Silviana; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 25)

"Elaida seemed fiercer than ever since she began summoning Silviana for her own supposedly private penances. The whole Tower was still buzzing with that." (Yukiri about Silviana and Elaida; Crossroads of Twilight, Prologue)

"A hard woman, Silviana Brehon. Fair, so I hear, but hard enough to break iron." (Leane; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)

"Only one woman in this room was willing to stand up for what she knew to be right. Only one woman dared defy Elaida and she accepted the price of doing so" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 46).

"Men are not to be trusted" - Silviana (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 46).