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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Val a'Shain


Amico Nagoyin is a member of the Black Ajah, posing as a Yellow Aes Sedai. She is one of the sisters who leave the Tower with Liandrin. She was initially described as only four years older than Egwene, which would have made her 21 in the Dragon Reborn, but this is changed in some later editions, including the ebook to fifteen years older (TDR, Ch. 25). Amico is pretty with a long neck, pale skin, and a slender figure (TDR, Ch. 51).

Nothing is known about Amico's motivation to turn to the Shadow, but she seems a little soft for a Black sister, or an Aes Sedai for that matter. She is clearly inexperienced and cracks when captured in the Stone.


  • Amico leaves the Tower with Liandrin's group of Black sisters to Tear in 999 NE.
  • Elayne finds a book on customs and ceremonies of the Tairen court in the things Amico left behind. Most likely planted there by Lanfear (TDR, Ch. 26).
  • Liandrin's group find out where Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne are staying in Tear and take them prisoner. They are taken to the Stone where Be'lal rules as High Lord Samon at that time (TDR, Ch. 51).
  • Amico is set to watch Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne to make sure they remain shielded (TDR, Ch. 54).
  • Egwene stills Amico in the World of Dreams using a ter'angreal they brought from the Tower, while trying to place a shield on her. The Black sisters didn't search her when they captured her. They need Mat and Juilin to escape from their cell though (TDR, Ch. 55).
  • Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve capture Joiya and Amico, the other Black sisters escape (TDR, Ch. 56).
  • Amico and Joiya are interrogated by Egwene and Elayne. Amico tells them they should go to Tanchico, there is something dangerous to Rand there. Unlike Joiya, Amico seems broken after her capture (TSR, Ch. 5).
  • Amico and Joiya are found dead in their cell after the Trolloc attack on the Stone. Their throats are cut and their tongues are nailed to the cell door (TSR, Ch. 12). We find out later that Slayer killed them (WH, Ch. 22).


Amico looks innocent to Nynaeve (TDR, Ch. 51).

Amico knew only three other sisters to be Black before she left the Tower: Liandrin, Chesmal, and Rianna (TSR, Ch. 5).

After being stilled, Amico loses the Ageless look. This is a little odd, as she can't have been Aes Sedai more than a couple of years due to her young age (TSR, Ch. 5).

Amico tells Nynaeve Temaile enjoys causing pain (enough to make a Black sister notice it) (TSR, Ch. 6; Ch. 52).


  • When captured, Amico had one of the ter'angreal stolen from the Tower with her (TDR, Ch. 55).
  • After her capture Amico seems unable to speak Rand's name (TSR, Ch. 5).


"She does not have the look she did, as if the years had passed her by. Not as much as she did. Is that because she was... because she was stilled?" (Aviendha; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 5)

Aviendha was right; that was the difference she herself had noticed and not understood. Amico looked young, perhaps younger than her years, but it was not quite the agelessness of Aes Sedai who had worked years with the One Power. (Egwene; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 5)

"I do not know. You must believe me." Amico sounded tired, utterly beaten. Not at all the way she had sounded when they were the prisoners and she the gaoler. "Before we left the Tower, I knew only Liandrin, Chesmal and Rianna. No one knew more than two or three others, I think. Except Liandrin. I have told you everything I know." (Amico during her interrogation in the Stone of Tear; (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 5)

"I overheard Liandrin that once, talking to Temaile," Amico said wearily, starting a tale she had told them many times. In the first days of her captivity she had tried to improve her story, but the more she elaborated the more she had tangled herself in her own lies. Now she almost always told it the same way, word for word. "If you could have seen Liandrin's face when she saw me.... She would have murdered me on the spot had she thought I had heard anything. And Temaile likes to hurt people. She enjoys it. I only heard a little before they saw me. Liandrin said there was something in Tanchico, something dangerous to... to him." She meant Rand. She could not say his name, and a mention of the Dragon Reborn was enough to send her into tears. "Liandrin said it was dangerous to whoever used it, too. Almost as dangerous as to... him. That is why she had not already gone after it. And she said being able to channel would not protect him. She said, 'When we find it, his filthy ability will bind him for us.'" (Amico trying to convince Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne they should go to Tanchico; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 5)