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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.


The ARPM was responsible for producing, and if possible innovating, the Annual Report. In order to accomplish this, the ARPM would network with Executives; particularly the Directors of Marketing and Research. The Annual Report is a time capsule that records all aspects of the business and community of TarValon.Net in report form, as a singular place to find all information.

Department: Department of Research and Records

Position Level: Administrator

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit

Chain of Command

The Annual Report Project Manager reported to the Director of Research and Records.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare Google Drive documents and share with each Executive to add notes to for the current year to then utilize when writing their department’s annual synopsis.
  • Periodically update the various Executive note documents with links and quotes from posts, announcements, Exec Blog posts, etc.
  • Periodically catalog data to be used in appendices.
  • Set due dates for individual contributors and provide reminders, escalating as necessary.
  • Compile submissions from individual contributors into single document with appendices.
  • (Copy) edit document.
  • Work with Department of Marketing for any graphic requests and ensure that the overall look matches other official Tower documents.
  • Work with the Department of Research and Records to upload content and a PDF and/or Word version of document.


  • Check the relevant forum(s) and email weekly.
  • Participate in relevant forum discussions.
  • Respond to email within 4 days.
  • Confidentiality of both survey data as well as discussions within department forum
  • To meet deadlines as provided, or communicate any difficulties as soon as aware of said difficulty.
  • Provide periodic updates to the Director of Research and Records.

Time Commitment

The time to plan for and produce the Annual Report varies through the year, at slow times it can take 1 hour a week and at busy times 10 hours a week.


  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google Drive related document types.
  • Access to and experience with creating documents in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Completed 12 years of education or more (high school, secondary school).
  • Community member in good standing.
  • Member of 2 or more years.


This was initially a staff position in the Department of Administration. It became an Admin position on December 15, 2012.

After the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting and the disbanding of the Department of Administration the role was transferred into the Department of Research and Records.

The role was disbanded at the end of March 27 and its responsibilites subsumed into the Keeper of the Chronicles position.

Annual Report Project Managers