Brown Bulletin January 2018

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Editor: Yarrow Al'Vare

Brown Bulletin, January 2018 (A day late, but shhhh.....)

Gather around, one and all, for the tale of the long-absent Brown Bulletin,

A very long time ago (November 2017 Emote-look.gif), the Browns gathered to pick out the next Brown Mind. A young Brown Sister (me Emote-look.gif) cautiously put her name forward, and was, surprise surprise, picked for the job! She was very excited! Emote-joy.gif Time went on, but the Shadow-spawned Real Life Monster decided to eat the new Brown Mind for a time. Emote-suck.gif So, the Brown Bulletin, which was supposed to be the Mind’s job, got sadly neglected. But fear not! The RL Monster was defeated using Brown Healing (an entire, extremely heavy encyclopedia set was used Emote-horsey.gif), and the Bulletin is back.


Happy Birthday to all of our January babies! Emote-dance.gif Emote-joy.gif Emote-grouphug.gif


--I have to work today, so I made a sandwich this morning like a sensible person. Then, just when I was about to get on the bus, I went wait... where's my sandwich?? I managed to forget it at home. :facepalm And of course, there's the brown out that I manage to do just about EVERY DAY. Put out my tea things, boil the water, walk away..... wait, why isn't my tea ready? Emote-look.gif

--Yesterday I did everything to make coffee, except add coffee grounds. I came back to get my coffee and had a pot full of hot water.

--Today my sister and I were on a Brown Out roll. Went to Trader Joes, got everything in our cart and went to check out. Neither of us had money. Or anything else. Went back to apt, got money, went back to TJ. Bought original cart items, got to car, realized we had no hashbrowns. Go buy hashbrowns. Drove to dry cleaners, picked up dry cleaned clothes, brought them to the car trunk, only to find the dirty clothes meant to drop off. Go back inside with dirty clothes. When we got home I told Madeline, "Why did you let us out of the house!!" Emote-silly.gif

--At work the uniform is black with red aprons provided by the store. You’re supposed to take the apron off when you leave the store. Guess who forgot to take hers off when she left today

Tasty Things

Because I like white wine, and because I kind of wish it was summer already, here’s a sangria recipe based on something I made. I hope this gives you a taste of summer.

--25 ounces/750mL white wine (1 bottle)
--½ cup of raspberries (frozen or unfrozen)
--½ cup of strawberries (frozen or unfrozen)<bt> --3 cups sparkling orange juice

Mix the wine and berries and chill in the fridge. Add the sparkling orange juice just before you are ready to serve.<bt> OR: use frozen berries and blend everything together to make a slushy. Emote-cheerful.gif

That's it for now! The Brown Ajah wishes everyone a wonderful February. Emote-wave.gif