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The Captain of the Guard was an Admin position in the Department of Membership. The position focuses on handling all aspects of a recruit and soldier's life in the Tower and provides counsel when requested to the Director of Membership.

It was a non rotating role.

Chain of Command

The Captain of Recruits reported directly to the Director of Membership.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides counsel to the administration as needed
  • Keeps track of where recruits are at and send raising packets as necessary.
  • Manages the male mentorship program.
  • Provides the first line of defense when membership problems with recruits arise
  • Works with the Director and other membership admins when inter-group problems arise
  • Moderates the forums associated with recruits and soldiers
  • Moderates the usergroups associated with recruits and soldiers
  • Builds morale and activity for the recruits and within the Garrison
  • Works to coordinate plans to celebrate community-wide festivals and freedays
  • Writes quarterly reports to the Director, Keeper, and Amyrlin Seat regarding the recruits
  • Any other possible responsibility that deals with recruits


  • Must be a male Senior Member for at least six months.
  • Must be able to use tact, diplomacy, and discretion, as the role be privy to information that normal members are not
  • Must be willing to serve in the role for a full 18 month term


In July 2007 the role was split to the Captain of Recruits and Captain of Soldiers. Jaim al'Bearach, the incumbent, chose to take the role of Captain of Recruits

Captains of Recruits