Catalyn Haevin

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Catalyn Haevin is the High Seat of House Haevin (CoT, Ch. 13). Despite this, she is very young, not yet past her majority, although she is past her guardianship (CoT, Ch. 13). She has dark eyes and her cheeks are still round with baby fat (CoT, Ch. 13). Elayne refers to her as a "cool-eyed, ungovernable young woman" (KoD, Ch. 17).

The sign of House Haevin is the Blue Bear. Catalyn wears a large enameled brooch and a ring bearing her sigil; her hair net is also worked with the Blue Bear. Elayne thinks that she shows a bit too much pride of House (CoT, Ch. 13).

Catalyn carries herself with a cool haughtiness (CoT, Ch. 13). She holds her chin high, though Elayne thinks that this might be because of the large enameled pin that she wears on the neck of her dress (KoD, Ch. 17).


  • Catalyn arrives in Caemlyn with Dyelin and speaks with Elayne, proclaiming her support for Trakand (CoT, Ch. 13).
  • When Dyelin returns from trying to convince Luan and the others to support Elayne for the throne, Elayne and Birgitte meet with her in the Map Room. Catalyn, Conail, Branlet, and Perival show up as well. Catalyn is put out that Elayne did not summon them (KoD, Ch. 17).
  • When Birgitte learns that the Far Madding Gate is under attack while she is arranging Elayne's rescue from the Black Ajah, she tells Dyelin to defend it. Dyelin tells Catalyn, Conail, Branlet, and Perival to come with her, as their foot soldiers, who are being sent with Dyelin, will fight better with them there. Catalyn argues that her horse soldiers, who will be with Birgitte, will also fight better with her there, and that she wants to help rescue Elayne. Dyelin responds that Catalyn will go where she is needed to, and Catalyn ends up following her (KoD, Ch. 32).
  • During the battle against Arymilla, Elayne sees Dyelin and Catalyn. The former is struggling to keep the latter from riding through the gate to join Conail, Branlet, and Perival in urging on their men. After Elayne has spoken to a beaten Arymilla and her followers, she rides towards Dyelin, who is riding out of a side street followed by Catalyn and the boys (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • When Elayne arrives at the Grand Hall for her meeting with Abelle, Aemlyn, Arathelle, Ellorien, Luan, and Pelivar, all of her supporters are already there. Dyelin is watching Sylvase converse with Catalyn and Conail while Branlet and Perival listen closely (KoD, Ch. 35).
  • After gaining their support, Elayne invites Abelle, Aemlyn, Arathelle, Luan, and Pelivar to dine with her in her apartments. It is likely that the rest of her support, Catalyn included, accompany her as well (KoD, Ch. 35).


Catalyn's uncle, Lord Arendor, was her guardian until she was past her guardianship. She also has an aunt named Evelle (CoT, Ch. 13).

Elayne thinks that Catalyn needs a switching for pure rudeness (CoT, Ch. 13). With Elayne, Catalyn insists on every perquisite of a High Seat (KoD, Ch. 17).

Dyelin dislikes Catalyn (CoT, Ch. 13). Catalyn has begun to show Dyelin respect (KoD, Ch. 17).

Catalyn is fascinated by Aviendha. She persists in trying to make Aviendha teach her to use a spear (KoD, Ch. 17).

Catalyn believes that Arymilla does not deserve the throne. Arymilla, in turn, considers Catalyn to be a child who can be swayed to her cause. She thinks to herself that she will use torture on Catalyn, Conail, Branlet, and Perival, if she must (KoD, Ch. 17).

Ellorien comments snidely to Elayne that she has gathered most of her support among the children and Arymilla's leavings (KoD, Ch. 35).


Catalyn brought twelve hundred men to Caemlyn with her (CoT, Ch. 13).

Dyelin excluded, Catalyn, Conail, Branlet, and Perival are Elayne's most important allies (KoD, Ch. 17).


"Haevin stands with Trakand, obviously, or I would not be here." (Catalyn to Elayne; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)

"I am past my guardianship, as you must know, Elayne. My uncle, Lord Arendor, said at the Feast of Lights that I was as ready as I would ever be and might as well have free reign then as in a year. Truth, I think he wanted more time to go hunting while he still can." (Catalyn to Elayne; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)

"I had not heard you had been raised Aes Sedai. I thought the White Tower had sent you home. When your mother died. Or perhaps because of the troubles in the Tower we hear about. Imagine, Aes Sedai squabbling like farmwives at market. But how can she be a general or a Warder without a sword? In any case, my aunt Evelle says a woman should leave swords to men. You don't shoe your own horse when you have a farrier, or grind your own grain when you have a miller." (Catalyn to Elayne about Birgitte; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)

"Odious child! There's a good mind there, if someone took her in hand for a few years, but she has a double dose of the viperous Haevin tongue." (Dyelin to Elayne about Catalyn; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)

"I heard that Lady Dyelin had returned. You should have sent for us, Elayne. You aren't queen yet, and I dislike you keeping secrets from me. Where is Aviendha?" Catalyn Haevin, a cool-eyed, ungovernable young woman -- a girl in truth, still long months short of her majority, though her guardian had abandoned her to go her own way -- was pride to her toenails, her plump chin held high. Of course, that might have been because of the large enameled pin of Haevin's Blue Bear that decorated the high neck of her blue riding dress. She had begun showing Dyelin respect, and a certain wariness, shortly after she started sharing a bed with her and Sergase, but with Elayne, she insisted on every perquisite of a High Seat." (Catalyn and Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 17)

"So it's six, six and six," Catalyn said, frowning and thumbing the long signet ring on her left hand. She looked thoughtful, unusual for her. Her usual way was to speak her mind with no consideration whatsoever. "Even if Candraed joins us, we are short of ten." Was she wondering whether she had tied Haevin to a hopeless cause? Unfortunately, she had not tied her House so tightly the knots could not be undone. (Catalyn and Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 17)

"Aside from anything else," Catalyn said heatedly, "that shows why Arymilla doesn't deserve the throne. She puts her own ambition above Andor's safety. Luan and the others must be fools not to see it." (Catalyn; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 17)

"If Ellorien tries to goad us, why should we bite our tongues?" Catalyn demanded. Her red dress, embroidered with broad bands of gold at the hem and on the sleeves, did not suit her coloring, especially when her plump cheeks were crimson with anger. Her chin was raised. Perhaps she wore that large enameled pin bearing Haevin's Blue Bear where she did so she would be forced to keep her chin high and look down her nose at everyone. "I've never allowed anyone to poke at me and walk away unscathed." (Catalyn and Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35)