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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Charlz Guybon is a Lieutenant of the Queen's Guards of Andor. He rides to Elayne's support during the siege of Caemlyn and is promoted by Elayne to the rank of Captain, and by Birgitte to the rank of second to the Captain-General (KoD, Ch. 13).

He is tall and broad-shouldered with greenish hazel eyes. He is well short of his middle years and little short of beautiful. He looks as if he has a face that is suited to smiling, though he also looks as if he has not smiled in too long (KoD, Ch. 13). Birgitte thinks that he is too good looking for her taste (KoD, Ch. 32).

He is a solid and brave man (KoD, Ch. 33).


  • Guybon obtains permission to find men who were discharged by Gaebril. He puts out a call and is able to gather 4,762 former Guards. He wishes to enter Caemlyn to aid Elayne in her fight for the Lion Throne (KoD, Ch. 13).
  • Guybon encounters various minor nobles who are also trying to reach Caemlyn. He lets them join him, but only after he has made certain that they are loyal to Elayne. The soldiers that the nobles have brought raises the number of soldiers trying to enter Caemlyn to almost ten thousand (KoD, Ch. 13).
  • Guybon fears that he has waited too long when he hears about the siege on Caemlyn. He considers trying to fight his way to one of the gates, but luckily, members of the Kin who were scouting for loyal soldiers found them and created a gateway to take Guybon and his soldiers into the city (KoD, Ch. 13).
  • Guybon meets Elayne and informs her of the numbers he has brought to her aid. Elayne promotes him to the rank of Captain, and Birgitte decides to make him her second in command due to his resourcefulness and the fact that he is old enough to have fighting experience. Guybon is overwhelmed, since he is young for such a large promotion (KoD, Ch. 13).
  • When Birgitte arrives back at the Royal Palace after Elayne's capture by the Black Ajah, she sends Sanetre, one of the Guardswomen, to find Captain Guybon. When Birgitte reaches the Map Room, Dyelin and Guybon are already there. She tells him that she needs every horse and halberd he can muster and explains about Elayne's capture. He, in turn, issues terse orders to clerks, who hastily copy them down for him to sign and pass to messengers. Birgitte informs him that they will be facing at least two Aes Sedai, and that they might have a ter'angreal that makes balefire (KoD, Ch. 32).
  • Birgitte, Guybon, Dyelin, and the Windfinders leave the Map Room. Birgitte gives Guybon instructions, and he strides toward the front of the Palace while Birgitte goes to the Queen's stableyard. When Birgitte reaches one of the Traveling Grounds to go after Elayne, Guybon and Dyelin are already there with the lords and ladies loyal to Elayne. Guybon has refused to tell Chanelle where to weave the gateway until Birgitte arrives, which must have been part of her instructions to him. They learn that three or four of the mercenary companies that Elayne had hired have turned against her and are now attacking the Far Madding Gate (KoD, Ch. 32).
  • When the gateway opens to take the rescue party to where Birgitte can feel Elayne is, Guybon and the nobles accompanying him ride through, followed by Guardsmen. Guybon checks on Arymilla's nearby camps and sees that they have been nearly stripped, meaning that the danger of the Far Madding Gate falling is very high. Guybon lends his brass-mounted looking glass to Birgitte so that she can better see the wagon that Elayne is in (KoD, Ch. 32).
  • Guybon orders his men to advance forward at a walk. The Black sisters are channeling at them. They hasten to a trot and then to a charge; when Asne points the balefire ter'angreal straight at Guybon, he doesn't slow (KoD, Ch. 32).
  • By the time the Windfinders have taken care of the Black Aes Sedai, Guybon and his men are only halfway to the wagon and slow to a walk. Once Elayne has been rescued, she sees two of the Guardsmen carrying Andor's White Lion banner and her own Golden Lily banner, and she knows that it must have been Guybon's decision to have her personal banner carried into the battle. When she looks toward him, he is sitting on a tall bay and bows to her with a broad smile on his lips (KoD, Ch. 32; Ch. 33).
  • After Elayne's rescue, Birgitte and Guybon turn their attention to securing the Far Madding Gate. Guybon says that he saw only followers, grooms and the like in Arymilla's camps (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • They ride through a Gateway that takes them closer to the Far Madding Gate. During the battle against Arymilla's army, Guybon is wounded in the fighting, receiving a bloody gash to his left arm and a dent to his breastplate with a hammer (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • When Arymilla, Naean, and Elenia are captured, Guybon and a dozen Guardsmen escort them to Elayne. Elayne tells him to take the prisoners into the city (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • Elayne has him and Norry keep the mercenary companies out of Caemlyn (ToM, Ch. 11).
  • He clears the buildings and arranges the location when Mat fights the gholam (ToM, Ch. 31).
  • He is in Caemlyn when the Trollocs invade through the Waygate. Talmanes persuades him to help defend the city, rather than just the Palace as per his orders (AMoL, Prologue).
  • When Elayne sends Serinia to Caemlyn to find out why no one has reported, Guybon is finally able to Travel to the Field of Merrilor to report to Elayne (AMoL, Ch. 1).
  • Guybon is with Elayne's forces as they lead the Trollocs from Caemlyn to Braem Wood, where they have laid an ambush (AMoL, Ch. 8).


Charlz Guybon considers Elayne to be the Queen of Andor even before she has won the Lion Throne. He rides to her aid when Arymilla lays siege to Caemlyn, and risks his life without swerving to help save her from the Black Ajah (KoD, Ch. 13). Elayne is considering bonding him as her third Warder (KoD, Ch. 33).

If Guybon was surprised to find Birgitte, a woman, as Captain-General, he was wise enough not to show it (KoD, Ch. 13). Birgitte thinks well of him (KoD, Ch. 32).


A man Guybon's age would normally serve at least ten or fifteen more years before being considered for the rank of Captain, much less second to the Captain-General (KoD, Ch. 13).

He has never heard of balefire (KoD, Ch. 32).


"Charlz Guybon, my Queen," he replied, sinking to one knee and pressing a gauntleted fist to the flagstones. "Captain Kindlin in Aringill gave me permission to try reaching Caemlyn. That was after we learned Lady Naean and the others had escaped." (Guybon to Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 13)

"Four thousand seven hundred and sixty-two of the Guards, my Lady. And I encountered a number of lords and ladies who were trying to reach Caemlyn with their armsmen. Be content. I made sure they were loyal to you before I let them join me. There are none from the great Houses, but they bring the total near to ten thousand, my Lady." He said that as if it were of no moment at all. There are forty horses fit for riding in the stable. I have brought you ten thousand soldiers." (Guybon to Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 13)

"I don't have a full tally yet, my Lady. Some of the bodies." Charlz grimaced. "I'd say as many as five or six hundred dead, though, perhaps a few more. Twice as many wounded one way or another. As nasty a few minutes as I've ever seen." (Guybon to Birgitte; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 33)

"There’s this rumor that says you stepped into death’s domain to challenge him and demand answers to your questions, and that he gave you that spear you hold and foretold to you your own death." (To Mat, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 19)