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The department was formed after the 2004 Admin Meeting, initially under the purview of the Amyrlin Seat. The Department of Administration was initially created to oversee the business, legal, financial, and record-keeping aspects of the community. It was initially led by Val a'Shain but when he stepped down as Master at Arms, and with the consequent re-organization of some departments, it gained its first director, Arisaema Draconis. In January 2016, after the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting, the Department of Administration was disbanded.


The Department of Administration was created at the 2004 Admin Meeting as one of the first five departments in a brand new departmental structure for the community.


Val a'Shain retired from the position of Master at Arms and the role was officially disbanded. The duties of the position were delegated to the Department of Administration and the Department of Membership. The role of Director of Administration was created and Arisaema Draconis was appointed to fill the position.


Tinnlin Fundon replaced Eniara Kisharad as Treasurer. Gracienda al'Vonde replaced Jaimes Al'Nor as the Financial Advisor. The department worked on the incorporation of TarValon.Net as a non-profit but did not complete the project during 2007.


The Department of Real Life Services was disbanded and its functions were moved into the Department of Administration.


The duties of overseeing philanthropy and events were taken out of the Department of Administration and the Department of Philanthropy and Department of Events and Conferences were created to house them. Arisaema Draconis became the Chief Financial Officer under the name of Shatayan, and the financial duties were removed from the Department of Administration. Ubahsur Kindellaer replaced Arisaema as director.

TarValon.Net officially incorporated on September 2 after several years of hard work by the Department of Administration.


The main projects outlined by the Department were: Annual Report, Membership Survey, Annual Reviews, and ensuring legality regarding TarValon.Net's 501(c)(7) status.


The positions of Survey Project Manager and Annual Report Project Manager were promoted from staff to admin roles.


In February, Ubahsur Kindellaer was hired to fill the Shatayan position, and so Calypsa al'Nicolai was hired to fill the director position. The occasion was unique, because up until this point, all directors had been appointed rather than hired through applications. This was the first time applications had been accepted for a director role at the Tower.

The Integration Survey Hive Mind was chosen during the end of this year. Their primary duty was to formulate the Integration Survey which was released on October 31 of 2013.


The new Legal Research Team held its first hiring process.


After the Winter 2016 Admin Meeting the Department was disbanded and the various roles redistributed to other relevant departments. Applicant Tracking was given to the Keeper. The Annual Report and Membership Survey were moved to the Department of Research and Records. The role of Membership Activities Coordinator would report to the Keeper. The Legal Research Team was moved to the Department of Events and Conferences.