Department of Online Events (History)

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The Department of Online Events was created in early 2022 when the Department of Community Outreach was split into two separate departments. Game Masters, the Online Events Coordinator (previously called Outreach Activities Coordinator), and the Online Events Team (previously called Outreach Activities Team) were transferred into Online Events.


The Department was established in early March, with Aintza Bisera as its first Director. Later in the month Alor Sionn and Hal Bahalla were hired to replace Aintza and Thaddius al'Guy as Game Masters.

In May, Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum replaced Faeril Munlear as Online Events Coordinator.

The new position of Guild Coordinator was created within the Department, and the first coordinator, Alor Sionn, was hired at the beginning of July. This marked the beginning stages of the planning to bring back the Guilds to TarValon.Net.

In September, Alor and Jocasta Braithe stepped down as Game Masters, and were replaced with Alexr al'Petros.

In October, Aintza stepped down as Director, and Nadezhda al'Lanahrin was hired to lead the department.

In the beginning of December, Alor decided to step down as Guild Coordinator and by the end of the month a replacement had been hired - Analiese Sinclaer.


In January, Nadezhda stepped down as Director of Online Events, and in February, Leala left the Online Events Coordinator role.

In March, Adina al'Mari was hired to lead the department, and Kassidy Rose ni DaiShan t'al'Kalin as new Online Events Coordinator. The new Guild Hall was opened, and preparations made for the opening of guilds based on members' interest. Six guilds were proposed from the start: arts, fiber crafts, fitness, gaming, tea, and a Darkfriend social club. At the end of the month, Analiese stepped down as Guild Coordinator, and the position was left vacant for the time being.

In April, two administrative and one staff role within the department changed names: Event Master reverted back to Game Master, Online Events Coordinator was renamed to Online Activities Coordinator, and the Online Events Team to the Online Activities Team. The Game Master position was later retired.

In May, two more guilds were added: written roleplay, and writers and authors.

In June, a kitchen guild was opened.

In November, Kassidy stepped down as Online Activities Coordinator. No replacement was hired. The year's final new guild, tasting, was added.


In February, a guild concerned with mental health and physical wellbeing was added.

In March, the Guild Coordinator role was changed into a six month staff position and reopened for hiring. The tea guild added coffee to its name and focus area.

In May, Ruslan Rynar was hired as new Guild Coordinator.