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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Elam Dowtry is a young man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, Andor (TEotW, Ch. 1).

He has a long nose and a cowlick that sticks up in the back. He looks like a sheep (TEotW, Ravens Prologue; TSR, Ch. 43). He is about the same age as Rand, Mat, and Perrin (TSR, Ch. 43; LoC, Prologue).


  • Mat tells Dav and Elam about the Fade that he and Rand have seen. Dav and Elam have been watching like hawks ever since, but haven't seen anything; Elam now thinks that Mat was trying to trick them (TEotW, Ch. 1).
  • When a wounded Perrin returns to Emond's Field after hunting Trollocs, Dav, Elam, and Ewin carry Perrin into The Winespring Inn. When Perrin asks after Luc, Elam tells him that Luc is off hunting the Horn of Valere or Trollocs. Elam wants to know what it was like for Perrin outside the Two Rivers (TSR, Ch. 43).
  • Perrin sees Elam, Dav, and Ewin defending Emond's Field during the big battle against the Trollocs. After the battle, Perrin sees all three of them still among the living (TSR, Ch. 56).
  • Daise Congar tells Faile that Dav Ayellin, Ewin Finngar, and Elam Dowtry have run off from Emond's Field to see the world because of Perrin's stories (LoC, Prologue).


Elam was a friend of Rand, Mat, and Perrin's (TEotW, Ravens Prologue; Ch. 1; TSR, Ch. 43).

Perrin remembers hunting and fishing with Elam, but thinks that he seems too young, now (TSR, Ch. 43).

Elam, Dav, and Ewin are mentioned together more than once (TSR, Ch. 43; Ch. 56; LoC, Prologue). The three of them run off from the Two Rivers together (LoC, Prologue).

Elam seems to admire Luc (TSR, Ch. 43).


  • Luc has been showing Elam how to use a sword (TSR, Ch. 43)


"What was it like?" Elam put in breathlessly. "Alanna Sedai said you've been all the way to the Great Blight, and I hear you've seen Caemlyn, and Tear. What's a city like? Are they really ten times as big as Emond's Field? Did you see a palace? Are there Darkfriends in the cities? Is the Blight really full of Trollocs and Fades and Warders?" (Elam to Perrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 43)