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Author: Morwynna Raevyn

What Was - You will write an essay explaining which of the lost Talents from the Age of Legends would best suit three mid-main, non-Aes Sedai female characters from the books in your opinion.

Faile - Faile's dislike of Berelain is well known in the series. You'd have to be blind not to notice that! I considered two lost Talents for her if she could channel, but eventually I've settled on balefire as I believe its not a widely known Talent and would still be classed as lost. I thought about Compulsion, but changed my mind. That would still leave Berelain alive and the impression I get of Faile is that her temper would still be riled by Berelain just being around and she'd probably still be suspicious no matter if she used that or not. I kept going back to some way of her being able to rid herself of Berelain for good. I don't even think the fact that things could be lost from the Pattern if she used it would bother her too much either. Just the fact that she'd finally be rid of Berelain for good, and wouldn't have to worry about Perrin anymore would satisfy her.

Berelain - She on the other hand I don't think would be willing to use something like balefire. She's not as insecure as Faile about her ability to keep hold of a man so wouldn't feel the need to use anything like that. I think if she were to have any abilities in the One Power that she'd prefer to have something that would benefit Mayene. At the moment Mayene depends entirely on oilfish shoals as their means of independence from Tear, and this is fragile at best. While balefire would be useful if Mayene were attacked, it'd be too much of a risk to use it and is only really useful for attacking one person at a time, otherwise she'd risk her own soldiers. I think something more along the lines of Spinning Earthfire would be more useful to her. That way she'd be able to get rid of larger amounts of any enemy soldiers than picking them off one at a time.

Tylin - I believe Tylin was much fonder of Mat than she allowed to be seen. If she'd had the ability, I think she would have used Compulsion as a means of keeping him by her side. Of course she'd have to have found some way of getting the foxhead pendant from him, but if she did have that Talent, the ideal opportunity would have been while he was injured and unable to stop her, after all she did manage to get all of his clothes away from him! My impression from the books is that she was quite lonely and would have treated him well had he stayed with her, so I think that she would have used it on him if she'd been able to, though her conscience might have eventually got the better of her.

What Is - You will write an essay about how the Game of the Houses, while openly accepted and played, is also a factor in at least three other Nations in the books. Explain the similarities and how it affects the nation and culture in general.

Ghealdan - Some would probably think Ghealdan to be too small a country to become involved in something like Daes Dae'mar, but examination of Ghealdan's history proves otherwise. It began with the arrival of the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn. When he arrived King Johanin lost the throne as chaos overtook the country. The King's death in a "hunting accident" was thought to be suspicious. His successor died of poison, a "suicide". The next ruler lasted for then days and married a merchant (marrying a commoner means giving up any rights to the throne in Ghealdan). The general consensus was that the Lords of Ghealdan's High Crown Council were deeply involved in the failures of these rulers. It is highly unlikely the troubles that befell these people were a natural occurrence but however it was managed it was cleverly done. The general population were relatively untouched by the intrigue. The present ruler has been unable to remove the Prophet, possibly in fear of her life, and so the country is still in chaos, with little chance of normality returning until he leaves, though if the Queen attempted to remove him, the chances of another "accident" are bound to be high.

Illian - The King isn't the only political leader. He is advised by the Council of Nine. Generally these Lords contend with the King for power and the King's power is also attacked by another advisory body called the Assemblage (built up of merchants and ship owners). This mix of groups leads to a constant shifting in the balance of power. There is constant arguing over any potential legislation. If anything looks more advantageous to one group, the others try to politically sabotage it. As far as the people are concerned though, this constant bickering and political maneuvring leaves them free to live their lives as they wish and in relative peace.

Murandy - The King here is the official ruler but in reality rules in name only. The Lords and Ladies who have control over their own individual areas are the real power behind the throne, and divide the land up between themselves. It is said that the King can barely control the capital city, leaving the King as a figurehead only to stop any potential invasion as Murandians are deeply suspicious of any foreigner. The normal population take very little notice of any kind of power struggle between the King and the nobles. Political problems never affect trade either, as the capital city remains a major centre for trade with all other nations.

Still none of these countries are so deeply mired in the Game as Cairhien is. None of them have ever suffered an attack as great as the Cairhien people have when the Aiel attacked them. Hopefully they never will, as none of these countries have a single ruler (not even Murandy for the reasons given above) being mainly occupied with maneuvring between themselves. If however, one person or group ever became successful in wresting power from the other, who knows what may happen.

What Will Be - What are you looking forward to most about becoming an Accepted?

I want to become Accepted primarily so that I can join in more with what happens at Tar Valon (as a Novice my access is limited), and so that I can join the Ajah whose members I've got to know and where I feel I could fit in well. I want the opportunity to give something back to this community. I already feel that I've gained from being a member here, I've made some good friends as well. Some of them I've met in Real Life and there are others who I'll be meeting pretty soon. I just feel it's only right for me to contribute more if I could and becoming an Accepted, I feel is the way for me to start doing this. I wasn't sure at first if I'd stay here, everything was so huge and I was only used to smaller sites (I arrived here after it was recommended to me from someone at Salidar), I couldn't imagine finding somewhere I'd feel comfortable but I have and I intend to stay around. Now I couldn't imagine not being here and if I can't imagine not being a member here now. I hope that you find my worthy of being raised to Accepted. Thank you.