Falion Bhoda

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Author: Natalya Laragan


Falion Bhoda is an Aes Sedai of the White and Black Ajah who thinks herself no less one than the other (ACoS, Ch. 17). She is described as long-faced (TFoH, Ch. 18) with dark glossy hair (TPoD, Ch. 28) who was not beautiful but could be called handsome if her manner wasn't so cold (CoT, Ch. 15). As a Novice, she ran away for a brief time to the city of Ebou Dar (LoC, Epilogue). She is one of the thirteen Aes Sedai who fled the Tower with Liandrin (TDR, Ch. 13). She is captured outside Caemlyn (KoD, Ch. 33) and later freed, presumably by Jaq Lounalt (ToM, Ch. 24). During the Last Battle, she is claimed by Hessalam who uses her strength until Aviendha kills her


  • She is given a secret task by Moghedien (TFoH, Ch. 18) which we later found out to be to look for an angreal cache in Ebou Dar she believes is nonexistant. (LoC, Epilogue)
  • Falion kills a Wise Woman while questioning her. She argues with Ispan saying that there is no angreal cache and that the Forsaken might be wrong. She suggests that if they capture Nynaeve that would please Moghedien much. (ACoS, Ch. 17)
  • When Elayne and Nynaeve find the Bowl of the Winds in Ebou Dar (ACoS, Ch. 38), she appears with Ispan and shields Nynaeve. A struggle ensues and finally Ispan is taken a prisoner. Apparently, Falion escapes.
  • We find Falion again as a prisoner of Lady Shiaine in Caemlyn. She is being held because of failing Moridin but gets a second chance. Apparently Moridin has done something that has made Falion unable to channel for a while. (TPoD, Ch. 28)
  • Falion is forced to wait Lady Shiaine as a part of her punishment ordered by Moridin for failing in Ebou Dar. Falion hates her situation but is too afraid to disobey a Forsaken. Being 'available' for Daved Hanlon is another part of her punishment. (WH, Ch. 10, CoT, Ch. 15)
  • Falion and Hanlon come in an agreement about their relationship. To make it look enough for punishment, Hanlon fondles her whenever there are others seeing it and when there is time, they bed and then trade information. Falion is very eager to know what happens in the palace. Lady Shiaine sees that this is not a punishment enough, and gives Falion to a fellow named Murellin as well. Falion gets her ability to channel back. (CoT, Ch. 15)
  • Falion and Marillin Gemalphin, another Black sister working for Lady Shiaine are found by Master Hark that was put after Doilin Mellar by Elayne. After an unsuccessful attempt of arresting them, Elayne is captured but Birgitte gets a party of Windfinders that are able to capture the Black sisters, Falion among them. (KoD, Ch. 33)
  • She escapes when Hanlon and Mili Skane escape. (ToM, Ch. 24)
  • She is killed by Aviendha during the Last Battle, her body ripped apart. (AMoL, Ch. 23)


  • The Chosen were vastly stronger, infinitely more knowledgeable, and quite possibly they had already received the reward of immortality, but by all evidence they schemed and fought each other as hard as two Murandians with one blanket. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)
  • "I will not report the failure to one of the Chosen, Falion. She would make us envy Liandrin, yes?" Falion did not quite shiver. She did, however, cross the basement and pour herself a cup of plum punch. The plums had been old, and the punch was too sweet, but her hands remained steady. Fear of Moghedien was perfectly sensible, but yielding to fear was not. Perhaps the woman was dead. Surely she would have summoned them by now else, or snatched them sleeping into Tel'aran'rhiod again to tell her why they had not yet carried out her commands. Until she saw a body, though, the only logical choice was to continue as if Moghedien would appear any moment. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)
  • Falion spoke in cool, measured tones, perhaps more measured the more agitated Ispan became. She had always enjoyed mesmerizing a class of novices with the sound of her voice. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 17)
  • "I will obey you!" she howled. I will obey, as the great Master commanded! He set the shield on me to dissolve so I could obey! He told me so! Let me prove myself! I will crawl! I am a worm, and you are the sun! Oh, please! Please! Please!" Falion to Shiaine (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 18)
  • "More wine, girl," she said curtly, and Falion scurried with the tall-necked silver pitcher to refil her goblet with steaming spiced wine. The livery of a maid, with the Red Heart and Golden hand on her breast, suited Falion. Her long face was a stiff mask as she hurried to replace the pitcher on the drawered highchest and take up her place beside the door. (Winter's Heart, Chapter 10)
  • For her ageless face, handsome was the best that Falion could be called, and even that might be stretching the truth, with her cold gaze and a colder manner in the bargain. She was hardly the sort of woman he would have chosen to fondle, but it seemed she was being punished by one of the Chosen and he was supposed to be part of the punishment, which altered matters. To some extent. Tumbling a woman who had no choice had never troubled him, and Falion certainly had none. Her maid's dress was simple truth; she did the work of four or five women by herself, maids and scullions and spit-girl, sleeping when she could and truckling whenever Shiaine frowned. Her hands were rough and red from doing laundry and scrubbing floors. (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 15)
  • Falion and Marillin wore startled expressions, but the light of the Power enveloped them in heartbeats. (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 31)