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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Feraighin is an Aiel Wise One who follows Rand.

She is youngish, with a long nose, a mass of incredibly red hair and brilliant blue eyes. She is not particularly tall for an Aiel woman, not quite to Rand's shoulder.

When Rand and the others arrive outside of Cairhien from Dumai's Wells, she approaches them. She tells them that Bair and Megana (character) have set watches every possible way that Rand might come back to Cairhien. She proceeds to tell them about Colavaere in Cairhien, about Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin, who have declared Colavaere to be a usurper, and about Darlin Sisnera, who arrived by ship the day before to join Caraline and Toram. She also tells them that there are as many as ten or more Aes Sedai in the city. When Sorilea demands to know why Feraighin did not tell them of the Aes Sedai immediately, Feraighin protests that Sorilea did not give her a chance. She seems very nervous under Sorilea's scrutiny and hunches her shoulders, causing the other Aiel to laugh. When Perrin asks her if Faile is all right, she replies that she thinks Faile is well.

Afterwards, the Wise Ones take her a little ways away to shower her with questions.

(Reference: A Crown of Swords, Chapter 3)


"The red-haired woman gave a start and cleared her throat; plainly she had not expected to be allowed a word. She put dignity back on like a hastily donned garment. "Colavaere Saighan says you have gone to Caemlyn, Car'a'carn, or maybe to Tear, but wherever you have gone, all must remember that you are the Dragon Reborn and must be obeyed." Feraighin sniffed; the Dragon Reborn was no part of Aiel prophecies, only the Car'a'carn. "She says you will return and confirm her on the throne. She speaks often to the chiefs, encouraging them to move the spears south. In obedience to you, she says. She does not see the Wise Ones, and hears only the wind when we speak." This time her sniff was a fair approximation of Sorilea's. No one told the clan chiefs what to do, but angering the Wise Ones was a bad way to start convincing the chiefs of anything." (Feraighin to Rand; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 3).

"You gave me no chance, Sorilea," Feraighin protested a touch breathily, shoulders hunching. Blue eyes swung to Rand, and her voice firmed. "There may be as many as ten or more, Car'a'carn. We avoid them, of course, especially since... " Back to Sorilea and breathiness. "You did not want to hear about the wetlanders, Sorilea. Only our own tents. You said so." To Rand, her back straightening. "Most of them stay beneath the roof of Arilyn Dhulaine, Car'a'carn, and seldom leave it." To Sorilea, hunching. "Sorilea, you know I would have told you everything. You cut me short." As she realized how many were watching, and how many beginning to smile, among the Wise Ones anyway, Feraighin's eyes grew wild, and her cheeks reddened. Her head swung between Rand and Sorilea, and her mouth worked but no sound came out. Some of the Wise Ones began laughing behind their hands; Edarra did not bother with a hand. Rhuarc threw back his head and roared. (Feraighin to Sorilea and Rand; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 3)