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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Janina is an Aiel Wise One. She is flaxen-haired with pale blue eyes (TPoD, Ch. 9; KoD, Ch. 29).

She is very skilled at Healing (KoD, Ch. 29).


  • When Perrin goes to the Wise Ones to talk to them about the Aes Sedai, they tell him that Masema is a danger to Rand and that he must be killed (TPoD, Ch. 9).
  • The Wise Ones shut themselves in their tents with Masuri and Seonid, probably plotting to kill Masema, in Perrin's opinion (WH, Ch. 2).
  • When Perrin tells the Aes Sedai with him that a Maiden needs Healing, Edarra tells Janina to see to it (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • When Perrin is brought to Mayene during the Last Battle, she helps to take care of him and is there when he wakes up. She tells Perrin that he must stay and rest, and that she won't help him to leave the hospital (AMoL, Ch. 37).


"'Step out of that bed,' Janina said, turning her eyes toward him, 'and I'll bundle you in Air and leave you hanging there for hours.'" (Janina to Perrin; AMoL, Ch. 37).