Knife of Dreams: Chapter 29

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The Last Knot

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Points of view: Perrin, Faile


Perrin starts the attack against the Shaido's camp while Faile and her friends are freed by Rolan.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Malden

Characters: Perrin, Dannil, Masema, Sulin, Balwer, Aram, Fager Neald, Basel Gill, Lamgwin, Breane, Lini, Gueye Arabah

Perrin stands outside Malden, studying it and the fog that Neald has placed there. He walks into the fog to talk to Dannil. Balwer appears and tells him Masema has arrived. He tells Perrin that Haviar and Nerion are staying out of sight of Masema, but haven't been corrupted. He walks to see Masema, but spots Basel Gill first. He tells him to head north, but Lini insists she will not move until she knows Maighdin is safe. Basel tells Perrin that he and Lamgwin wish to stay and fight. Perrin tells them that Basel is his shambayan and it is his duty to get the servants to safety, to Breane's relief. Lini refuses, but Perrin tells Gill to tie her up if he has to.

Sulin tells him that the Shaido sentries are dead, and that two Maidens, Elienda and Briain, died in the attack. They go on to Masema, with a group of Wise Ones and Aes Sedai. Masema mentions Rand and colors spin in Perrin’s head, turning into an image of Rand, without his hand. Masema says he has left Nengar in charge and that he intends to stay close to Perrin. A gateway appears and Neald stumbles out of it, with Gueye Arabah, a Seanchan lieutenant who tells him that there are large groups of Aiel approaching. Tylee has suggested changing the plan. Perrin tells him the plan stays.

Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Malden

Characters: Faile, Maighdin, Alliandre, Aravine, Rolan

Maighdin is nearing the point of exhaustion, but is still managing to hold the scarf in the air with the One Power. They see a face, followed by voices, proclaiming they are alive. Aravine calls down to tell them that Theril had followed Galina and saw her pull a lever, causing the collapse. Rolan appears, moving her aside and telling Faile to move out of the way, so they can dig her out. She thinks she will have to do whatever it takes to convince him to let her go.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Malden

Characters: Perrin, Gallenne, Arganda, Tam

Gallenne suggests killing Masema, but Arganda tells him this would be foolish as it would make noise and attract attention. Perrin tells them they are only going to kill Shaido. A gateway appears to the left, and Grady steps through, with Tam, who asks about Rand, but Perrin merely says that nothing can be done about it. He moves up to Dannil at the top of the ridge and is shown a group of around four hundred Shaido approaching. He steps out of the fog with Aram and walks down the slope, halting the Shaido. Others follow them out of the fog, causing the Shaido to veil and spread, more rushing from the tents to join them. They slowly advance, splitting as fireballs come from the tents, from perhaps twenty Wise Ones. The Shaido get close enough and Tam gives the order to fire, flight after flight of arrows striking the Shaido. The noise of Seanchan horns to the north and south attracts his attention and he sees the damane at work. The Shaido begin to fall back as every arrow hits its target. Perrin's men advance. They get close enough and start fighting.

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