Knife of Dreams: Chapter 34

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Author: Isarma Maracanda

Seanchan Helmet Chapter Icon.png

A Cup of Kaf

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Point of View: Furyk Karede

Setting: A clearing in east central Altara

Characters: Furyk Karede, Gamel Loune, Musenge, Hartha


Karede discusses the situation concerning the Seanchan troops being attacked with Gamel Loune.


Karede enters the camp of banner-general Gamel Loune with 80 men and 21 Ogiers. He has left some of the Deathwatch Guards to wait in the forest, including the suldam, damane and Ajimbura. No raken are to be seen, and he knows most of them were sent west. He also notices that the soldiers wear armor, indicating that the commander expects action soon.

Karede dismounts in front of the command tent and leaves Musenge and Hartha in charge of the Guards, adding that he wants no violence, no matter the insults they could hear. Musenge is not pleased, but their goal is to find and rescue Tuon, nothing else matters. Rumor says that the Deathwatch Guards have a fake High Lady Tuon, and many people believe it.

Gamel Loune sends out his officers when Karede enters, and Karede explains that he merely wants to know about the recent fights in Altara. Loune's manservant enters and brings him kaf. Loune feels compelled to offer some to Karede, as not offering would have been a deadly insult. After a few cups, Karede asks again, and Loune reluctantly explains that his troops have been ambushed several times by an unknown army, probably using Aes Sedai or Asha'man. The commandant to this army seems to be a very clever man. Karede is sure he is Thom Merrilin and wonders if Thom's real name would be Agelmar Jagad or Gareth Bryne. Loune explains then that new troops will be sent through the Malvide Narrows under General Chisen's lead.

Karede thanks him for the kaf and leaves. He tells his men that they are marching toward the Malvide Narrows.

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