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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Enaila is a Far Dareis Mai of the Jarra sept of the Chareen Aiel (KoD, Ch. 18). She is no taller than Egwene with fiery red hair and a usually wooden expression (TFoH, Ch. 3; LoC, Ch. 41).

She is very touchy about her height and is referred to as having a voice and a temper "as hot as her hair" (TFoH, Ch. 3).

Along with Somara and Lamelle, she is one of the three worst Maidens to treat Rand like a long-lost son (TFoH, Ch. 46).


  • She is waiting for Rand in the hall outside the room where he conferred with the clan chiefs, then she and some other Maidens escort him to his tent (TFoH, Ch. 3).
  • When she sees Aviendha is going to see Rand, Enaila asks her to bring him some more blankets (TFoH, Ch. 4).
  • Enaila checks on Rand when Lanfear visited him, saying that the Maidens are searching for him. She then informs him that the clan chiefs want to speak with him (TFoH, Ch. 6).
  • When Egwene inquires about the way the Maidens treat Isendre, Enaila is little short of rude in her clarification that Maiden business is none of Egwene's (TFoH, Ch. 7).
  • She is standing guard when Egwene wants to visit Rand one night. When asked if he is awake, Enaila replies that he is, but shouldn't be; "a man cannot go without rest." She also teases Aviendha about having given up the spear (TFoH, Ch. 15).
  • After Adelin, Enaila, and Jolien catch Isendre near Rand's tent again, they shave every hair on her body and beat her with nettles. They say they'll make her wear nettles if she so much as glances in his direction and give her to Aviendha, who treats her even worse (TFoH, Ch. 29).
  • Rand remarks that has seen neither Adelin nor Enaila for days and wonders whether they are ill. Sulin replies that they will return when they learn to stop playing with dolls; they are grown women and should behave as such (TFoH, Ch. 30).
  • Enaila and two other Maidens are never far from Weiramon and his lordlings, and the closer the Tairens seemed to get to Rand, the more the Maidens looked about to don their veils. Their behavior has Sulin on edge (TFoH, Ch. 41).
  • Although not mentioned directly, she is among the Maidens Sulin has surround Rand's tent. They refuse to move until Rand lets them escort him to his log tower (TFoH, Ch. 43).
  • When Rand tries to rise in the morning, but is too weak, Aviendha threatens to bring Enaila, Somara, and Lamelle. They are among the Maidens to escort him to the Sun Palace, where Sulin chooses them and seventeen other Maidens as Rand's bodyguard (TFoH, Ch. 46).
  • Aviendha tells Rand she did not tell Sulin, Enaila, Lamelle, and Somara to watch him, or to do anything if he faltered, but that it was their own concern (TFoH, Ch. 52).
  • Enaila heads a line of Maidens, all waiting to break their spears, because Rand is dishonoring them if he won't let them take part in the battle against Rahvin. When a smiling Sulin steps out of the dockmaster's hut with Rand, equal smiles of pleasure run down the line of Maidens (TFoH, Ch. 53).
  • Rand is sure she was among the crowd of Aiel, who accompany him to Caemlyn, because he recognizes Lamelle. During the battle, Rand sees Enaila take down a Trolloc (TFoH, Ch. 54).
  • When Rand asks if there was any news from Bael, Enaila replies that the hunt for the Trollocs continues and that none of them will escape, because the gates are secured, but Myrddraal surely will. Rand notes that she sounds like she wanted to be part of the hunt. She and Somara have brought Rand a soup Lamelle used to make. Rand asks whether none of the servants have come back, but Enaila shakes her head scornfully. When Davram Bashere appears, they move between him and Rand, ready to veil (TFoH, Ch. 56).
  • When Rand is done practicing the sword in front of the assembled Andoran nobles, Enaila gives him a towel to wipe off his sweat. She pretends the Andoran nobles simply don't exist and watches Bashere suspiciously (LoC, Ch. 1).
  • While the Andorans are in a frenzy at the mention of Taim's name, the Maidens merely stand calmly (LoC, Ch. 2).
  • When Rand wants to Travel to the farm with Taim, Enaila is one of the first to jump through his gateway, forming the foreguard. After Rand is done talking with Taim, she offers him a spare shoufa. She and some others veil themselves when Rand makes a gateway to the tent in the Tairen nobles' camp, even though an ambush there is very unlikely (LoC, Ch. 3).
  • In the camp, where Thunder Walkers guard the tent, Enaila makes jokes about them; they rattle their spears against their bucklers. When the Maidens are out of earshot, Enaila asks who that one Thunder Walker was who thought her joke funnier than his. The Maidens don't believe Rand has a sense of humor since they never see him laugh, so he tells them a joke, but no one understands it; Enaila insists that the rooster is the point in the joke and that wetlanders have a strange sense of humor. Enaila follows Rand and Sulin inside the pavilion, where he meets with the nobles. Later, she and Somara give Rand advice on how to attract Aviendha's interest (LoC, Ch. 4).
  • She accompanies Rand to Culain's Hound, where he wants to find out what "a pair of Aes Sedai" is doing there. When Rand is about to talk to Verin and Alanna in private, Sulin sends Dagendra and Enaila toward the room they are approaching. Rand stops them, however, saying that he wants to be alone with the Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 10).
  • Sulin thinks to herself that if Somara and Enaila were present, she would set them on Rand to protect him (LoC, Ch. 18).
  • Enaila guards the gates of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, when Min arrives with a message for Rand. Enaila takes her to him, but says she leave much faster than she came, if Rand does not know her. Once in front of the Grand Hall, Enaila leaves Min shortly with the Maidens on guard there to check if Rand really knows her. After the reunion, Enaila and Somara follow the two to Rand's rooms where they position themselves on either side of the door (LoC, Ch. 41).
  • Rand briefly considers taking Enaila and Somara with him on his visit to the farm (LoC, Ch. 42).
  • When Rand disguises himself as prisoner to be taken to Bael and Bashere, Enaila and Sulin grab his arms and lead him forward, telling him to trust them to guide his feet even though his eyes are hooded. Enaila mocks him when he stumbles (ACoS, Ch. 7).
  • Enaila and Somara insist on shaving Rand when he is taking a bath (ACoS, Ch. 33).
  • After his exploit to the Cairhienin rebel camp, Rand wants to rise out of bed once he wakes. Amys mockingly offers to have Nandera call in the Maidens from the corridor; especially Enaila and Somara would be happy to assist him (ACoS, Ch. 41).
  • She and Harilin play cat's cradle during their duty as Rand's bodyguard in Lord Algarin's manor. When Cadsuane remarks she will have to spank Rand and Logain for incivility both Maidens laugh so hard they tangle the string in their hands (KoD, Ch. 18).
  • She and Harilin fend off the Trollocs inside the manor during the attack on the Pendaloan manor (KoD, Ch. 19).


Mat thinks she is pretty and tries to flirt with her. Unfortunately for him, he called Enaila "pretty little flower" which made her furious and now he is very cautious around her (TFoH, Ch. 3).

Even though she is only about a year older than Rand, she thinks of him as a child and Egwene thinks she sounds "for all the world like a mother fretting over her son" (TFoH, Ch. 15); as such, she is very concerned about him (TFoH, Ch. 52). She seems to be especially jealous of her place guarding Rand (TFoH, Ch. 30). Being treated like a "long-lost son of ten" annoys Rand; he thinks Enaila is one of the worst to do so, along with Lamelle and Somara (TFoH, Ch. 46). When Sulin is injured but won't leave his side, he is somewhat relieved, because he wouldn't enjoy Enaila leading his guard (TFoH, Ch. 44). She often lectured him on what she thought would be best for him (LoC, Ch. 1), though she would never do so in public (LoC, Ch. 19). Like the other Maidens, she accepted almost everything he did, but was very often concerned (LoC, Ch. 3). Sometimes, Enaila thinks Rand is "a willful boy who should be held by the hand lest he run over a cliff because he will not look" (LoC, Ch. 19).

She likes to tease Aviendha after she gave up the spear, saying that she can find out for Enaila how great a worry sons really are (TFoH, Ch. 15).

Feran has been trying to attract Enaila's interest for over a year, but Aviendha thinks "she will teach him to sing before she gives up the spear" (TFoH, Ch. 23).

She does not really trust any wetlander around Rand (LoC, Ch. 1).

She thinks Leiran has a fine sense of humor, because he thought her joke better than his (LoC, Ch. 4).

She eventually lays a bridal wreath for him (AMoL, Ch. 26).

Min knows Enaila for a skillful fighter at first glance, who could easily take her hidden knives away from her and peel her with them (LoC, Ch. 41). They seem to develop a good relationship, because Enaila and Nandera show Min the Maidens' way of fighting (LoC, Ch. 50).


  • She thinks marriage is "an illness that spreads" ever since Rand revealed the Aiel's secret history (TFoH, Ch. 3).
  • She was not impressed by the colored windows in the Royal Palace's throne room portraying the early queens of Andor (TFoH, Ch. 56).
  • When Enaila and Somara bring Rand soup, he thinks whichever of them made it was no better a cook than Lamelle had been (TFoH, Ch. 56).
  • It irks her that some of the wetlander women are taller than her (LoC, Ch. 1).
  • Rand thought to himself that Somara and Enaila would probably give him some kind of herb tea as soon as their duties were done and wait until he drank it (LoC, Ch. 1).
  • Min has a viewing of Enaila: "A wreath of some sort," meaning that she will give up the spear and marry (LoC, Ch. 41).
  • Rand always hoped she would not start to mother him when they were alone (LoC, Ch. 41).
  • She does not trust Trollocs to be dead until they are three days buried (KoD, Ch. 19).


Mat could feel Enaila’s gaze like an auger boring into his skull. Who would have expected a woman to go up like oil thrown on a fire just because you told her she was the prettiest little flower you had ever seen? (Mat on Enaila; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 3)

"Think too much, Rand al’Thor?" Enaila gripped a short spear in one hand and her buckler and three more spears in the other, yet she sounded as if she were shaking a finger at him. The Asha'man frowned at her. "Your trouble is, you do not think at all." Some of the other Maidens laughed softly, but she was not making a joke. Shorter than any other Maiden there by at least a hand, she had hair as fiery as her temper, and an odd view of her relationship to him. (Enaila to Rand; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 7)