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Jur Grady is a Dedicated Asha'man. Before coming to the Black Tower he used to be a farmer. He is married and like most of the married Asha'man, has bonded his wife to know if she is all right when he is away (ACoS, Ch. 27). He is about twenty eight years old, but his face is already weathered from being a farmer. He is a stocky dark-eyed man, six or seven years older than Rand (LoC, Ch. 3). He has started to go grey (TGS, Ch. 9).

Grady is among the first men to join the Black Tower after Rand's amnesty. First he was not sure if he wanted to stay, but Rand convinced him, to the disappointment of his wife Sora. He was then tested by Taim and passed successfully (LoC, Ch. 3). Taim teaches him to use saidin and soon Grady, with some others, is sent to recruit new men for the Black Tower (LoC, Ch. 42).

Grady is among the Asha'man led by Taim to rescue Rand at Dumai's Wells (LoC, Ch. 55). After the battle, Rand chooses Grady and eight other Asha'man to accompany him to Cairhien (ACoS, Ch. 2).

When Rand sends Perrin to fetch Masema, he tells Grady and Fager Neald to accompany Perrin to Ghealdan (ACoS, Ch. 27). After Faile's kidnapping, Grady and Neald channel gateways in order for Perrin's troops to catch up with the Shaido (WH, Ch. 6).

Strengths and Talents

  • As with all the men Rand took as his personal guards, he was strong enough to Travel at the time of Dumai's Wells (ACoS, Ch. 7). He cannot make a gateway big enough for a wagon though (TGS, Ch. 9).
  • He was weaker than Rand when he went to Altara (ACoS, Ch. 27), but his strength grows while there (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • He is a little stronger than Neald (CoT, Ch. 8).


He has a wife Sora (LoC, Ch. 3), and a young son, Gadren (ToM, Ch. 10).

Taim suggests that he accompanies him on recruiting trips (LoC, Ch. 11).

He has a good relationship with Neald and spends a lot of time with him alone (TPoD, Ch. 8; Ch. 9).

Perrin comes to trust him (TPoD, Ch. 7).


  • He is tested for the ability to learn to channel saidin (LoC, Ch. 3).
  • He is going out on recruiting trips without Taim (LoC, Ch. 42).
  • He takes part in the battle at Dumai's Wells and raised the Dragon banner after the victory so does not take part in the slaughter of the Shaido (LoC, Ch. 55).
  • Rand takes him on as one of his bodyguards (ACoS, Ch. 2).
  • He is sent to Ghealdan with Perrin (ACoS, Ch. 27).
  • He goes with Perrin to meet Masema (TPoD, Ch. 30).
  • Perrin feels he doesn't look like a farmer while they prepare to leave Masema's (WH, Ch. 1)
  • He offers to Travel with Neald to search for Faile and the Shaido (WH, Ch. 2).
  • Grady and Neald make gateways to allow them to quickly scout the Altaran countryside (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • He weaves a gateway so that Perrin and the others can study the shaido camp (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • He feels Rand cleansing the taint and considers the amount of saidin being used to be madness (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • He goes with Perrin to meet the Seanchan (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • With Neald, he weaves gateways to get Perrin and his men close to Malden (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • He talks with damane and is surprised when they start screaming after he suggests they could be free (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • He and Neald make more gateways on the morning of the attack (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • Grady and Annoura work together while Perrin meets with the Seanchan (KoD, Ch. 4)
  • Grady talks to some Damane and learns they don't want to be free (KoD, Ch. 26)
  • Grady fetches Tam from the Two Rivers (KoD, Ch. 29)
  • After the battle, he is too tired to make a gateway (TGS, Ch. 9).
  • He explains to Perrin that even when he and Neald are recovered, there will be too many refugees to deal with them all in a day (TGS, Ch. 17).
  • He and Neald are bitten by snakes from a Bubble of Evil and is severely affected. This makes him too weak to Travel (ToM, Ch. 2)
  • He recovers faster than Neald and starts making small gateways for scouts (ToM, Ch. 2).
  • He offers to pound down the Whitecloaks if they cause problems (ToM, Ch. 10).
  • He asks Perrin permission to visit his wife (ToM, Ch. 10)
  • He dresses as a Two Rivers man as a disguise when Perrin visits the Whitecloak camp (ToM, Ch. 10).
  • When the dreamspike prevents Travelling, he thinks it is due to lack of practice (ToM, Ch. 26).
  • He goes with Perrin to the trial and prepares to rescue Perrin if needed (ToM, Ch. 34).
  • He senses the channeler when the Shadowspawn are brought through the Portal Stone (ToM, Ch. 40).
  • He weaves the gateway for Perrin's camp to leave for Caemlyn (ToM, Ch. 44).
  • He tries to Travel to the Black Tower but is unable (ToM, Ch. 47).
  • He opens the gateway to the Tower of Ghenjei for Mat (ToM, Ch. 53).


Uh ... my Lord Dragon, I've been thinking ... uh ... my pa is looking after my croft, a good piece of land if the stream don't dry up ... there might be a crop yet, if it rains, and ... and...." He crushed the cap, then straightened it again carefully. "I've been thinking about going home." (To Rand, before being tested) (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 3).

""She's missing me, You learn to recognize that one right off. I wish I knew why her knee hurts, though." (to Perrin, about Sora, (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 27).

"It's something a fellow named Canler worked out. The M'Hael doesn't like us trying to figure out things on our own, but once it was done...." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 27)

" he might be big for his age, but he’s about as pretty as a stump. Still, I love him something fierce" (About Gadren, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 10)