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Author: Ehlana Taravin


Mandelain is clan chief of the Daryne Aiel (TFoH, Ch. 2; LoC, Ch. 25).

Mandelain has only one green eye and wears a gray-green patch over his right eye. A thick, puckered scar runs up his forehead from behind the leather patch and halfway across his mostly bald head. He has broad hands (ACoS, Ch. 18).

Mandelain has two wives, Jair and Corehuin (ACoS, Ch. 18).


  • When Rand meets with the six clan chiefs in Rhuidean, Mandelain is still not present (only six out of the twelve clans came). Rhuarc assures Rand that Mandelain and his clan will come to support him. He tells him that Mandelain's only concern is holding his clan together since the Daryne is one of the clans most affected by the bleakness (TFoH, Ch. 2).
  • The Wise Ones decide that Rhuarc and Mandelain are the only clan chiefs that can be trusted with choosing men and Maidens to watch for more Aes Sedai coming into Cairhien, and to stop them, by spear if need be (LoC, Ch. 25).
  • Sorilea and Amys tells Rand that his disappearance caused a lot of trouble in the Aiel tents. That rumors began to spread that he went to the White Tower to bend knee to the Amyrlin Seat. Indirian wants to attack Tar Valon and any other Wetlander because he thinks that Rand was betrayed by the Aes Sedai, Timolan thinks Rand has betrayed the Aiel and wants to take the Miagoma back to the Three-fold land after killing Rand. Mandelain and Janwin still hold their counsel and are undecided as to what to believe (ACoS, Ch. 3).
  • Rand, accompanied by Dashiva and Narishma, meets with Janwin, Mandelain and Indirian to prove to them that the Aes Sedai serve him and not the other way around. Merana Sedai serves them throughout the meeting to prove the point. They also talk about the Shaido clan and the best way to deal with them (ACoS, Ch. 18).


  • Mandelain usually adjusts the patch over his eye when he wants a moment to think (ACoS, Ch. 18).
  • Min tells Rand that Elayne loves him, and so does Aviendha and herself, and that if both of Mandelain's wives can love him, three women can manage to love Rand. Rand responds that Mandelain can do what he likes and that, unlike Mandelain, he is not Aiel (ACoS, Ch. 33).


"The Daryne and the Codarra will come eventually, as well, I think," Bruan said calmly. And quickly, lest silence should grow to a reason for dancing the spears. First among equals at best. "They have lost more than any other clans to the bleakness." That was what the Aiel had taken to calling the long period of staring before someone tried to run away from being Aiel. "For the moment, Mandelain and Indirian are concerned with holding their clans together, and both will want to see the Dragons on your arms for themselves, but they will come." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2)

"Some might be reluctant to put themselves against Aes Sedai in any way; the Wise Ones did not say that right out, but it was clear enough from what they did say, often sourly. Others might think any threat to the Car'a'carn, even from Aes Sedai, could best be handled by the spear. A few of the Wise Ones seemed to have moved toward that opinion too; Sorilea stepped heavily on more than one oblique suggestion that the difficulty would be solved if the Aes Sedai were simply no longer there. In the end, Rhuarc and Mandelain of the Daryne were the only two they could agree on." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 25)

"There have been whispers that the true Car'a'carn would not give himself to the Aes Sedai. Indirian says if you have gone to the White Tower, it cannot be willingly. He is ready to take the Codarra north, to Tar Valon, and dance the spears with any Aes Sedai he finds. Or any wet-lander; he says you mast have been betrayed. Timolan mutters that if the tales are true, you have betrayed us, and he will take the Miagoma back to the Three-fold Land. After he sees you dead. Mandelain and Janwin hold their counsel, but they listen to Indirian and Timolan both." (Sorilea to Rand; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 3).

"Indirian and one-eyed Mandelain might have been thinking of something else, except that their unblinking gazes followed her. Lews Therin suddenly went silent, as if he too watched, through Rand's eyes." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 18)

"Mandelain adjusted the gray-green patch over his right eye, the way he did when he wanted a moment to think. A thick puckered scar ran up his forehead from behind the leather patch and halfway across his mostly bald head. When he finally spoke, it was only a little less blunt than Rand. "Some say an Aes Sedai will do anything to have what she wants." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 18)

"Mandelain set his cup down with exaggerated care. "Corehuin wishes to see Jair again before the dream ends, and so do I." Like Bael and Rhuarc, he had two wives." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 18)