Mezar Kurin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Mezar Kurin is an Asha'man with the rank of a Dedicated from Arad Doman. He has gray hair at his temples and wears a garnet earring and thin mustaches. He has bonded Adrielle and the two seem very fond of each other (KoD, Ch. 27), though she is somewhat taller than he is. He is one of the strongest of the Dedicated (ToM, Ch. 46).

He reports daily to Logain. He is present when Kajima comes with the news that Taim has posted new names on the Traitor's Tree. He is quite glad that some of Taim's men have deserted, though he doesn't look forward to having to hunt them down (KoD, Prologue). He goes with Rand to the meeting with the fake Tuon (KoD, Ch. 27). After the meeting he returns to the Black Tower and takes up with Taim (ToM, Ch. 46). Norley and Androl both speak with him and believe it is no longer Mezar (ToM, Ch. 56). He is said to look like a parody of a man, a shadow stuffed inside a human skin (ToM, Ch. 56). After Welyn comes back and Androl tries to rescue Logain, he takes Evin to be Turned (AMoL, Ch. 8).


"That accursed link with Logain had made clear what he was up to the night before - she had been afraid she would never fall asleep! - but not in her darkest imaginings had she suspected Gabrelle! Some of the men seemed as startled as she. Some attempted to hide smiles. Kurin grinned openly and stroked his thin mustache with a thumb." (Toveine upon seeing Logain and Gabrelle appear together in the morning; Winter's Heart, Prologue)