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Morat are Seanchan animal handlers. The name means "one who handles". Morat'raken is the handler of the raken, or pilot (flier). They are trained at high level.

The riders, morat’raken, sometimes called “fliers,” are all either women or smaller than average men, and often ride double, one behind the other, in a specially constructed lightweight saddle that seats two. Paired morat are used in situations where extra eyes are wanted, as on most scouting missions, but when great speed is required, or long distances, only one morat rides. Long distance for a raken is three to four hundred miles. (The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time)

Morat'raken were taught not to watch the ground if a raken fell, whatever the reason.

Morat'raken are used in scouting and for delivering fast messages (KoD, Ch. 26).

Morat'raken in the books

Blasic Faloun is a retired morat'raken. Now he is in charge of the raken station in Almizar (KoD, Ch. 12).

Chulein is riding her raken Segani above the farm when Elayne's gateway explodes. She survives but her back rider Eliya falls. She heads back to Ebou Dar to report (TPoD, Ch. 6).

Eliya is flying with Chulein when she is knocked off and falls to her death (TPoD, Ch. 6).

Tauan and Macu are killed when their raken is hit by a fireball above the farm (TPoD, Ch. 6).

Abaldar Yulan is Captain of the Air (WH, Ch. 19). He used to be a morat'raken, and is not pleased that his position prevents him from flying (TPoD, Ch. 24).

Kennar Miraj was a scout lieutenant, morat'raken, before being raised to the Blood (TPoD, Ch. 24).


Morat capable of handling a raken are able to handle a to'raken as well. However, Seanchan consider morat’raken superior to morat’to’raken. Ordering a morat’raken to fly a to’raken would cause the flier to lose a great deal of face which even the Blood will recognize. To’raken have been known to fly up to a thousand miles with only a single morat’to’raken in the saddle. (TPoD, Ch. 6)


In the Old Tongue "master handler." The word der means “experienced” or “master,” and often denotes rank. Among the Seanchan, the suffix applied to indicate a senior and highly skilled handler of one of the exotics, one who trains others, as in der'morat'raken. Der'morat'raken can have a fairly high social status only surpassed by der'suldam and suldam .To become a der'morat'raken requires a good level of experience.


A raken appeared in the east ahead, skimming low over the treetops, twisting and turning to follow the curves of the land like a man running his hand down a woman's back. Peculiar. Morat'raken, fliers, always liked to soar high unless the sky was actually full of lightning. Karede lowered the looking glass to watch (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 23).

Chulein grinned behind her wind-scarf. Every flier talked of buying an inn or a tavern, sometimes a farm yet who could leave the sky? She patted the base of Segani's long, leathery neck. Every woman flier three in four were women talked of a husband and children, but children meant an end to flying, too. More women left the Fists of Heaven in a month than left the sky in half a year (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 6).

He continued to watch Suroth in patient silence, but he had been a scout lieutenant, morat'raken, before being raised to the Blood, and he could not help being aware of everything around him. A scout lived or died by what he saw or did not, and so did others (Captain-General Kennar Miraj, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 24).

Had to be twenty thousand or more cross-bowmen to put out that volume. Thirty thousand, maybe. And yet they manage to hide from the morat'raken (Gamel Loune tells Karede the situation which was caused by Mat's band, Knife of Dreams, Chapter 34).