Winter's Heart: Chapter 19

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Three Women

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Mat, Setalle Anan, Joline, Teslyn, Enid, Egeanin, Bayle Domon, Tuon


Mat decides to help several Aes Sedai to escape. Egeanin and her so'jhin Bayle Domon arrive in Ebou Dar.


When Mat arrives at The Wandering Woman, Mistress Anan is not present. Enid, the cook, gives him something for breakfast and as he is finished, Setalle returns with another woman. It turns out that this woman is Joline Maza, an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah who has been hiding from the Seanchan ever since they came. Mistress Anan wants to help the Aes Sedai and had told her that Mat would get her out of the city when he leaves.

Captain of the Green Egeanin Tamarath and her so'jhin Bayle Domon show up and demand the best room in the inn, because Suroth wants her close at hand. Unfortunately for her, the inn's best rooms are already taken by the Captain of the Air, Lord Abaldar Yulan and the Banner-General, Furyk Karede of the Deathwatch Guard.

Upon returning to the Tarasin Palace Mat enters the attic where the damane are held in search of Teslyn Baradon. He wants to help her get out and ends up promising to take Edesina Azzedin along, as well.

As he is on his way from the damane kennels, Mat bumps into Tuon. To avoid rousing suspicion he tells her that he wanted to take a pastry to a Windfinder. Tuon is pleased to see that he is kind to damane.

He then heads for Thom and Juilin to plan their escape.

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